Transfer printing advice from Martin Borley of Target Transfers

How often should we be changing our vinyl cutter’s blades?

The short answer; more frequently than you might think, depending on the materials you are cutting.

Using a sharp cutter blade is essential to achieve quality results with your vinyl cutter or print/cut system. If you’re using the proper settings on your equipment and material is not being cut through, or has jagged edges after being cut, the blade needs immediate replacement.

On average, expect to change a blade every three months. However, you’ll need to change the blade more frequently if you are cutting thicker materials, such as twill, vinyl or reflective on a regular basis.

Get into the habit of performing a regular testing procedure on some waste material. This will help you to identify the first signs that your blade is becoming blunt and needs replacing, and will avoid any interruption to production during busy periods.

Change your cutter blade more frequently when cutting reflective materials on a regular basis