Certification company SGS has launched the SGS Green Mark to help brands, manufacturers, suppliers and retailers to demonstrate their green claims.

Designed for products including garments and fabrics, the international third-party verification proves compliance with pre-defined standards relating to seven environmental attributes.

These cover hazardous substances, recycled content, PFAS synthetic chemicals, biobased, PVC-free, industrial compostable, and biodegradability.

It has been developed by experts at SGS, a testing, inspection and certification company, to help companies at a time when governments and regulators around the world are looking to scrutinise and tackle greenwashing.

Charles Ly Wa Hoi, executive vice president at SGS, said: “We anticipate that the SGS Green Mark, with its independent third-party assessment, will become a market-leading solution for environmentally responsible organisations around the world.”

Products are independently assessed in accordance with recognised standards, and a technical review is conducted by an industry specialist to confirm the product claim is scientifically justified.

Once compliance has been confirmed through rigorous assessment within SGS’s global network of laboratories, a product can display the fully traceable SGS Green Mark.

This mark shows details of the environmental claim and assessment standards and displays a QR code to give consumers access to further information that verifies the claim’s authenticity.

After piloting the scheme, companies signed up include Arch Textiles Manufacture Corp, based in China and the US, which gained an SGS Green Mark for its Magnif-Eco recycled fibre. It stated: “This signifies another step towards establishing a global reputation as a socially responsible company at the cutting edge of sustainable textile innovation.”