New from SF are its Skinni Jeans (SF/SK600) for women and men

They were meant to be a new style for 2017 but ended up being launched towards the end of last year instead, as SF’s brand manager Elaine Barlow explains. “Due to high demand, we launched pre-season; November 2016. Typically new products are available from January, but there was a bit of a buzz around some of our new styles, such as the jeans and the SF258 Longline T, so we worked hard to launch selected styles early!”

According to Elaine, the Skinni Jeans were a natural progression for a brand that already offers a full range of fashion Ts, vests and sweats for workwear, promotions and retail brands. “The Skinni Jeans were designed as we recognised the popularity of the skinny jean style and shape – it’s become a wardrobe and uniform staple for many. Other shapes come and go, but the skinny jean remains on-trend.”

Black is easy to wear, suits many people and is a go-to colour for many uniforms and outfits

The inspiration for SF’s garments comes from street style, so when designing the jeans the company asked people where they buy their denims from and researched the most popular high-street styles. “We focused on what people look for when purchasing jeans; good fit, good quality, comfort and price were key factors and were the basis of our design development,” she explains. “The women’s (SK600) are high waisted, which is super flattering, and the men’s (SF600) are skinny without looking ‘sprayed-on’.
“A lot of our customers rebrand our products for their own ranges, so we designed the Skinni Jeans ‘brand free’. The rivets and shank button are plain, and the unbranded over-rider gives a quality finish, should our customers want to sell them exactly as they are with or without relabeling.”
The cotton/polyester/elastane stretch fabric was chosen as it keeps its shape throughout the day while also making the jeans comfy to wear. “They’re 11.5oz so are durable, while the garment wash also ensures they feel nice to the touch.” The jeans are suitable for print and embroidery.
The Skinni Jeans are available in black only. “Black is easy to wear, suits many people and is a go-to colour for many uniforms and outfits,” says Elaine. “If the demand is there, we may look at other colour options, but fashion trends evolve quickly and this is true of denim washes. Black is always a core colour for our industry.”
They appeal to a number of sectors, believes Elaine, from the retail market, including small brands that are setting up their own labels, to those businesses looking for modern and trendy workwear such as barbers, music events and coffee shops.”


The stretch fabric gives a comfortable fit