Sustainable Fashion sweats and joggers are now available for everyone, from babies to adults
Retail-ready styles in sustainable fabrics for all ages

With the new year comes exciting new styles – and for SF, this year is no exception. “Known for creating fashion-forward styles, SF launched its first-ever revolutionary sustainable range in 2022, which has received nothing but compliments,” says the brand. “The retail-ready range not only appeals to high-street staples, but has the added benefit of being made using 100% sustainable materials.”

Sustainable Fashion Sweats and Joggers The Unisex Sustainable Fashion Sweat (SF530) and Unisex Sustainable Fashion Joggers (SF430) are key players, not just for their eye-catching style but for their twinning ability with babies’ sizes in Larkwood styles – the Kids’ Sustainable Sweatshirt (LW800) and the Kids’ Sustainable Joggers (LW850).

“As promised, for 2023 we have filled the gap!” says SF.

The introduction of the Kids’ Sustainable Fashion Sweat (SM530) and Kids’ Sustainable Fashion Joggers (SM430) completes the range availability from 0/6 months-5/6 years for babies, 7/8 years-11/12 years for kids, and all the way up to adult sizes 2XS–3XL.

“Everyone’s favourite loungewear offering has grown, expanding the picture-perfect family”
“Everyone’s favourite loungewear offering has grown, expanding the picture-perfect family”

The new sweats and joggers are made using 60% regenerated cotton, which is created by taking unused fabric from factory productions and polymerising it back into yarn. The other 40% is recycled polyester – a yarn created using post-consumer PET plastic bottles.

“This process not only reduces waste going to landfill from factories, but also uses less water, chemicals and energy compared to standard production,” reports SF.

Matching up with SF colours, these new styles are available in black, heather grey, khaki, light stone and stone blue colours. All SF’s sustainably sourced products are made brand-free with only a size pip in the waistband or neckline, reducing unnecessary labelling and leaving blank space for ease of rebranding.

Loungewear updates “It doesn’t stop there: everyone’s favourite loungewear offering has grown, expanding the picture-perfect family,” says the brand.

According to SF, readers may have noticed that, following customer feedback, the Men’s Lounge Pants (SF085) have been replaced with the Unisex Cuffed Lounge Pants (SF086) to create a matching set with the Women’s, Kids’ and Babies’ Cuffed Lounge Pants (SK085, SM085 and LW085).

“Joining the already loved red/white stripes and navy/white stars designs, 2023 brings in bottle/white snowflakes, heather grey/white stars and navy/white stripes.

“As if that wasn’t enough, the full SF range is proudly certified as Peta-Approved Vegan and packaged in resealable, recyclable poly bags, made from 100% recycled materials,” says SF. “It just gets better.”

To view the full range, visit the brand’s website.