We take a look at the latest embroidery machines and equipment from leading suppliers

Barudan: Pro 3 Single-Head Embroidery Machine

The BEKT-S1501CBIII, otherwise known as the Pro 3, is Barudan’s newest single-head embroidery machine, which boasts a maximum speed of 1,300 stitches per minute onto flat garments, or 1,000 stitches per minute onto caps. The Pro 3 has an open, bridge-style chassis with a 360x500mm sewing area to provide more space for larger items, such as due bags and large jacket back embroidery, explains Barudan. Other new features of the machine include a KT Automat 8.4” LCD touchscreen with user-friendly icons, a new high-speed colour change system and a new MK8 trimmer system that’s said to require little or no adjustment.

Barudan’s Pro 3 single-head embroidery machine has a 360x500mm sewing area to provide more space for larger items

A new tensioner system is also said to provide better and easier thread tensioning, with accurate thread-break detection. The Pro 3’s new slimline cylinder arm allows sewing deeper into confined areas, and higher on caps, adds the company, noting that “our exclusive positive needle drive system also ensures quality embroidery on all types of garments, including thick karate belts and 3D foam on caps”. Also available from Barudan are the K-series compact four-, six- and eight-head embroidery machines, as well as the company’s LEM networking software.


AJS Embroidery: Tajima Intelligent Thread Management and Digitally Controlled Presser Foot

“Tajima continues its 76-year quest to develop and improve the world of embroidery, with some ground-breaking developments,” says UK distributor AJS Embroidery. The new Intelligent Thread Management (I-TM) system from Tajima has been developed to control the delivery of thread to the needle perfectly for every stitch. “I-TM looks at the stitch type and length, and cleverly allows the exact amount of thread at exactly the right tension to be sewn at precisely the right time,” explains AJS.

“I-TM helps greatly with poor embroidery quality, reduces puckering in designs, requires no skill to manage and gives consistent results time after time, even on different machines, as the settings are the same.”

The delivery of thread by the I-TM is automatic, and further quality control and adjustments can also be made in the control panel. The I-TM settings can also be saved as part of the embroidery file to enable consistent results on repeat orders.

The Tajima Intelligent Thread Management system controls the delivery of thread to the needle

Also available from AJS is the Tajima Digitally Controlled Presser Foot (DCP), which is featured on all ‘R’ Series embroidery machines.

“Whilst the DCP technology seems relatively simple, the concept of incorporating this into an embroidery machine, with the needle bar and presser foot no longer connected, each having its individual drive, coupled with the fact that the presser foot can be controlled digitally, is nothing short of amazing,” comments the distributor.

“Imagine the scenario — you can make your presser foot come down to say 5mm, the perfect height for foam on your 3D cap design, letting your machine do its normal stitch action, but as the needle comes up, the foot can stay in play to stop any movement until the needle has come out of the fabric completely.

“This is a game-changer in quality control, and just one of the many advantages that DCP technology can offer the embroiderer of today, who now deals with more fabric and thread types than ever before.”


GS UK: Gunold Threads and Consumables

As the UK distributor of Gunold threads and consumables, GS UK has supplied the UK textile industry for more than 30 years, varying its range of products to match changing embroidery trends and tastes each year.

The latest addition to its Gunold thread range is Reflex Cry, a 30 weight thread that’s made of 70% glass beads/17% polyamide/13% polyurethane. “The thousands of microscopic glass beads embedded in the polymer coating encase the polyamide core and, as a result, Reflex Cry reflects light in the dark.

Gunold Reflex Cry thread reflects light in the dark

The unique properties of Reflex Cry make it the ideal thread for embroidering onto clothing worn by those in the security and protection industries,” explains GS UK.

In January, the distributor also launched its new GS UK Supplies catalogue. The catalogue’s fresh new layout includes a brief description of each product to make it easier to locate specific items and understand how they can be applied. Sample sizes of many products are also available via the webshop, which is ideal for people who would like to test-drive a product prior to placing an order, adds the distributor.

“With a range of non-woven backings, specialised foils, etc to choose from, a product can be tested before ordering a large roll. This ensures the best product can be selected for the specific requirements.”


Stocks: ZSK Racer Classic

The latest embroidery machine release from ZSK is the all-new ZSK Racer Classic Series, bringing users an entry-level solution when upgrading to a multi-head embroidery machine, explains ZSK’s UK distributor Stocks.

Featuring the standard tubular arm, the Racer Classic Series is available with either four- or six-heads, and is said to have a top running speed of 1,000 stitches per minute.

It also comes with a T8-2 control panel with TFT screen, one set of tubular frames up to 180mm, and USB and LAN connection.

The new ZSK Racer Classic Series machines are available with either four- or six-heads

Other features of the Racer Classic series include an automatic thread trimmer, automatic colour change and automatic thread-break detection. The machines also have in-built lettering, and boast a machine memory of 80 million stitches. Users are offered a two-year on-site warranty, as well as free telephone support and a free support app available on iOS and Android. Finance and upgrade packages are also available.


Amaya: Melco EMT16X Modular Embroidery Machine

“The new Melco EMT16X modular embroidery machine system gives outstanding performance and efficiency,” says Amaya.

“Thanks to enhanced Melco Stitch Dynamics, the frequency of thread issues is minimised, which means more run time per machine, and greater return-on-investment potential.”

Amaya also reports that “the Melco EMT16X gives incredible stitch quality, allowing for perfect small lettering and super clean edges. Automatic tie-in and tie-out stitches give quality finished embroidery, and the smallest of bobbin tail length.”

The Melco EMT16X modular embroidery machine features a new auto-trimming system

The new trimming system on the EMT16X is said to deliver fast and reliable auto-trimming, which can cut down on trimming time and therefore reduce production time. It also features a self-sharpening, carbide knife assembly that can consistently slice poly, rayon, metallic and thick Burmilana thread, notes Amaya.

“Remember, the Melco EMT16X is a modular machine, allowing you to easily control your varying production requirements, and change from a multi-head and single-head in seconds. It’s the only true modular system, controlled by Melco’s unique control software. It’s also virtually maintenance-free.”

The Melco EMT16X has a stitch speed of up to 1,500 stitches per minute, and also features patented automatic thread tensioning and laser alignment for easy garment placement. “Arrange a demonstration and see for yourself how the Melco EMT16X can make your embroidery production more efficient, and more profitable,” adds Amaya.


Wilcom: EmbroideryConnect WiFi Device

Wilcom has announced the launch of its innovative new EmbroideryConnect WiFi device.

The software developer has also announced EmbroideryStudio e4.5 – the latest release of its flagship embroidery and multi-decoration software.

The new EmbroideryStudio e4.5 includes the EmbroideryHub software console.

This is designed to manage communications between an embroiderer’s PC and their EmbroideryConnect devices, which can be connected to all the embroidery machines in their business.

An embroiderer can connect Wilcom’s new EmbroideryConnect WiFi Device to all their embroidery machines

“It greatly reduces the amount of time users take to transfer and load designs to the correct embroidery machine, and reduces the risk of loading incorrect designs,” explains the company. “It also reduces the costly wear and tear on embroidery machine controllers and expensive PCs.”

Also included with the new EmbroideryStudio e4.5 are several creative tools, including the Maze Fill, Reef Photo Stitch and Hand Stitch Effect, with new multi-sequin and beading features also available.


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