Threads, backings, frames, software and more – we take a look at the latest equipment and accessories for commercial embroiderers

YES: Ricoma MT Series 20-Needle Embroidery Machines

Exclusively available in the UK and Ireland from YES, Ricoma released “the world’s first” 20-needle single-head and multi-head embroidery machines in September.

“The new MT series opens up far more scope than previously available – imagine the possibilities of running 20 colours at the same time,” says YES.

The MT Series has a standard range of 12 thread colours with eight extra needles for one-off jobs. “This not only makes the machine more flexible, but also more profitable because it saves you time, and time is money.” 

The new Ricoma MT Series has 12 thread colours, with eight extra needles for one-off jobs

Each machine is said to be have a maximum speed of 1,200 stitches per minute, as well as a high capacity memory storage of 20 million stitches, or 200 designs, as standard. It also features a high definition True Colour 8” LCD touchscreen, a one-step tracing button on the home screen, automatic colour change and a low wattage servo motor, as well as a newly developed small sewing arm, which is designed to make the embroidery of caps and small items easier. “There is no doubt that the Ricoma MT series will sit comfortably in both an established business and a new start-up embroidery service,” adds the company.

BriTon Leap: Embrilliance Software

BriTon Leap has released its latest free update to the Embrilliance software platform with major updates introduced across all programs. 

The update adds object-based, scalable font creation and publishing, complete with fine-grained rights control and custom installation file generation to its StitchArtist level 3 digitising software at no additional charge.

This enables users of StitchArtist level three to create their own native fonts for personal use or sale/distribution to the Embrilliance community. 

The latest update of the Embrilliance software is free and includes major updates across all programs

Other new additions to the software’s lettering engine include the ability to create envelopes to warp single and multi-line text into near infinite shapes, as well as template creation tools, including baseline objects that run text on any path and namedrop objects. Both of these additional features are said to allow assignment of any lettering to specified template areas with defined styles and placements. Although StitchArtist is required to create these objects, any Embrilliance platform program enables users to assign new lettering to template objects in an Embrilliance working file. This is said to be ideal for stock design sellers and embroiderers looking to increase efficiency, suggests the company. The latest software update features a range of improvements, which include new lettering sequence controls for caps, DST output options, automated trim settings and three-point arc drawing, making it “the most extensive update of the platform to date”, says the company.

Stocks: Racer II Series

Following the successful release of the Sprint 7 embroidery machine with 18 needles, ZSK has introduced the Racer II Series, says Stocks. The new embroidery machines feature 18 needles per head, which automatically come as standard with a wide head distance of 495mm. The range includes: the Racer II 1WL with one head (500x700mm); the Racer II 2W with two heads (495x500mm); Racer II 4W with four heads (495x500mm); and the Racer II 6W with six heads (495x500mm). The new series is said to include head selection, a fast catcher motor and a speed increase at larger stitch length. 

The Racer II Series features 18 embroidery needles per head

“The fast colour change, the drive set up and the catcher motor increase the output of the Racer series by a staggering 10-15%,” adds Stocks, “and therefore makes it a perfect partner for any embroidery house that wants to increase its output on the same space.” In March 2019, ZSK also released the latest version of its software: My.ZSK 4.0. By extending their My.ZSK license, users will always have access to the latest version of the software, says the company, and its programmers introduce any new features step by step into the live system. ZSK says it intends to introduce a free trial version of My.ZSK, which can be installed onto a Windows PC. The company is also offering on-premise solutions of the software for customers that don’t want their data to be in the Cloud. For these systems, ZSK installs the software on a server where data can only be accessed from a user’s production facility; on-premise systems can include customer specific reports and adjustment, and are prepared for individual solutions. My.ZSK 4.0 supports the OPC UA standard.

ETC Supplies: Embroidery Frames

New to ETC Supplies this year, Durkee’s Single Needle Cap Frame Inserts are designed to enable embroiderers to embellish caps of any size with monograms, logos and designs. They allow users to stitch a design or logo approximately 4 1/2” wide and 4 1/2” tall, and also provide both vertical and horizontal alignment guides and slots for consistent embroidery placement. The frames can be inserted into either a Brother 5” x 7” accessory hoop, or a Baby Lock 5” x 7” hoop. The company also supplies the Durkee EZ 7-in-1 Frames for multi-needle embroidery machines, such as the Brother Persona PRS100 and the Baby Lock 6 and 10-needle machines. 

Durkee’s Cap Frame Inserts enable embroiderers to embellish caps of any size

The pack includes seven frames, one of each different size, as well as a main attachment arm and cap back/radius frame. New sizes can also be ordered separately, including a 1 1/2” x 4” frame for collars, cuffs and small pockets on shirts, as well as the sides and tongues of shoes; a 5” x 5” frame for chest embroidery and stuffed toys; and a 7” x 7” frame for large tote bags, backpacks and large logo on children’s clothing. Larger size frames are also available for embroidery on trouser legs, shirt sleeves and interior textiles. Also available from ETC is the Magna Magnetic Frames Kit, which is designed for embroidering hard-to- hoop difficult placement areas, and promises to be fast, easy and accurate thanks to the top magnet frame. “The top magnet frame is ideal for the multi-needle machine,” says the company. “Imagine embroidering items that were previously impossible, such as baby socks, gloves, oven mitts, finished purses, shirt sleeves, jeans, all without ever taking them apart.” ETC adds that all of its new products are supplied to fit all industrial embroidery machines, as well as domestic types, such as Brother PR, PRS and Janome MB4.

AJS Embroidery Services: Tajima TMEZ-SC1501

New from Tajima, the TMEZ-SC1501 single-head embroidery machine features a digitally controlled presser (DCP) foot, which enables users to control the presser foot according to the material thickness from the touchscreen operating panel. 

“Fabric doesn’t flutter even when sewing hard-to-embroider materials such as leather, thick fabrics, stretchy fabrics, quilting and thin or delicate fabrics such as cashmere,” says AJS. The TMEZ-SC1501 also comes with i-TM, which is said to be the world’s first device to offer optimal tension adjustment quickly and easily.

The new TMEZ-SC1501 features a digitally controlled presser foot

The technology promises to solve a number of issues, such as the twisting of embroidery threads and puckering, as “the right amount of upper thread delivered to the needle is automatically calculated according to the stitch type, and the pulling is much less”. It’s also said to improve inconsistent finishes across heads and machines, with no need to constantly alter tensions after thread replacement, therefore lessening the need for skilled operators. Further adjustments can also be made to the machine in the operating panel, and settings can be saved in the embroidery file.

Madeira: Threads and Accessories

Madeira offers a variety of different embroidery threads, from Classic rayon to the bleach-resistant Polyneon, as well as matt finish, wool blend and innovative specialist threads, such as its highly conductive thread. This collection also includes the recently launched CR Metallic range, which is available in an array of golds, silvers and vibrant colours in two different weights: standard 40 and thicker 20. “Embroiderers can be confident that the threads chosen not only conform to the highest Oeko-Tex specifications,” says Madeira, “but will also perform to the highest standards to produce a top quality finish.”

Madeira offers a variety of threads, including Classic rayon, Polyneon and its new CR Metallic range

The company’s accessory range will also soon be expanding to include a selection of magnetic frames compatible with all major commercial embroidery machine brands. “Popular for difficult-to-hoop or large-scale items, magnetic frames will help to streamline the hooping process, provide perfect tension and reduce hoop marks on garments, ultimately speeding up production,” adds Madeira.

For more embroidery equipment and accessories from leading suppliers, check out our November issue online here at: imagesmaguk/Nov2019