Your Embroidery Services


DRAWings is distributed in the UK by Your Embroidery Services (YES), which points out that, “Only one [program]has been integrated into the bestselling CorelDRAW since its inception and that is DRAWings. What this means is that, in effect, you get two programs for the price of one as DRAWings comes with the full CorelDRAW suite. Each one can be used separately but it is the integration that makes this a winner. You design on Corel, click the link and the program switches to stitch mode and generates the pattern ready for output to the machine.

“The latest version, DRAWings PRO 6.7, has some unique features that allow it to work well in various areas of garment decoration including print and vinyl cutting as well as embroidery. These include:

Clipart – you can generate your own, but the program comes with hundreds of vector clip-art images which can be used as individual designs or combined to generate new and unique imagery

Text – one of the most important areas of embroidery, so many designs these days include at least some text and many are completely made up of script. “DRAWings has always generated outstanding text but the latest version takes it a step further, producing unbeatable quality even at the smallest point setting.”

Price point – a variety of modular levels gives a wide choice to suit most needs. “It is the stitch quality though that makes it really stand out from the crowd. At the end of the day, bells and whistles may be useful but it is the stitch quality that will turn your first-time customer into a returning customer,” says YES.


EmbroideryStudio e3 Designing

EmbroideryStudio e3 Designing is the latest version of Wilcom’s flagship design and production software. It includes CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 and comes in modules, allowing decorators to add more capabilities as their business grows. It is designed to be easy to use and incorporates all apparel decoration techniques as well as embroidery.

Key features include:

165 professionally digitised embroidery fonts, as well as the ability to convert any TrueType font; kerning, word and letter spacing and baselines can all be refined. The company says its Monogram tool “is a powerful and fast way to create beautiful monograms with decorative motifs and borders”

Wilcom’s .EMB file is a ‘smart’ embroidery file complete with object- based editing. Even stitch files such as DST are recognised as objects, eliminating the need for stitch-by-stitch editing

A suite of embroidery digitising tools

Built-in intelligence – Auto Fabric automatically applies the most suitable underlay, pull compensation and stitch density settings for the chosen fabric

Approval PDFs with more than 50 product templates included

Auto HoopIt chooses the most suitable hoop for the design


ApS-Ethos Version 15

ApS-Ethos Embroidery Software by CadCam Technology offers a choice of modules to allow customers to choose the right level for their business. The modules include an embroidery management system called Organiser; editing and lettering, which is split into two levels (Writer and Creative Writer); and digitising, which is split into Innovator, Artisan Plus and Virtuoso Plus.

The latest update, Version 15, has a number of new features, including:

The ability for users to apply pre-set patterns to their digitised shapes thanks to the new Patterns tab in the Properties window (choose from satin, running and step stitch effects), while Virtuoso customers can create their own effects using the new Styler tool

A new font style list that groups fonts into 10 different categories, such as block, script, serif and decorative

An enhanced text separation function that allows users to separate text into individual lines, words, letters and sections of a letter – multiple lines of text can also be edited simultaneously

A new Scaling icon tool that allows users to adjust the size and position of the design in garment render

A Round Corners tool that has been added to the Points menu and allows corners to be automatically ‘rounded’ on a selected running line or fill outline

Nine new satin stitch fonts.