We wind our way through the must-have equipment, software and consumables from top suppliers to the embroidery industry

Stocks Sewing Machines: ZSK Racer-R-Series Embroidery Machines

According to Stocks, the speed of embroidery has been almost doubled thanks to the new ZSK Racer-R Series running at a top speed of more than 2,000 stitches per minute.

“Designed and manufactured at the ZSK headquarters in Krefeld, Germany, the Racer-R has taken new concepts, along with a brand new look, to become the future generation of industrial embroidery.”

The Racer-R is the manufacturer’s first machine to have the new R-Head embroidery head, which is designed to be easily replaceable for simple maintenance. Other features include a height adjustable electronic presser foot, which moves independently of the needle.

The ZSK Racer-R comes with the new R-Head embroidery head

“When the needle comes out of the embroidery material, the presser foot can still remain firmly on the material, depending on setting, preventing the embroidery material from being pulled upwards when the needle is raised,” explains Stocks.

The Racer-R also comes with adjustable thread tension and promises an “extremely low noise level, compared to conventional machines with only about half the speed”.

AJS: Coloreel Thread Colouring Technology

Coloreel is a Swedish textile innovation brand with a “ground-breaking technology for embroidery that enables high-quality colouring of textile thread on-demand”, declares the exclusive UK distributor AJS.

“By instantly colouring the thread on-demand, it enables unique and more creative designs, and vastly improves overall production efficiency.”

Coloreel enables users to create embroideries with unique textures and effects, with “thousands of colours, all CMYK, PMS and Pantone-compatible”, AJS adds.

“The instant thread-colouring technology can be mounted onto any modern single-head or multi-head embroidery machine — it’s easy to operate and supports flexible order quantities, so it can be used for both personalisation and mass production.”

Coloreel users can embroider with “thousands of colours, all CMYK, PMS and Pantone-compatible”

Coloreel also provides a free colorisation software, Coloreel Studio, enabling users “to add life, colour and texture to your embroideries”.

GS UK: Cotty Bio Embroidery Thread

New from the Gunold range, Cotty Bio offers a sustainable cotton thread for embroidery and decorative seams made from pure organic cotton.

“As a 30s weight thread, stitch designs with Cotty Bio will require less stitches than those embroidered using Sulky 40 Rayon or Poly 40,” explains GS UK.

The matt, shiny thread consists of 100% long staple, mercerised Egyptian cotton, which is both Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex and Gots-certified.

Wound on recycled, mini-king cones of 500m, Cotty Bio is available in 10 modern colours, including pastel pink and washed-out denim blue, as well as the traditional colours of white, black, blue and green.

The new Cotty Bio embroidery thread is made from Gots-certified organic cotton

Amaya Sales UK: Melco EMT16X Modular Embroidery Machine

The new Melco EMT16X modular embroidery machine offers great advantages in production efficiency, says Amaya.

“Traditional multi-head embroidery machines require all embroidery machine heads to operate in unison — this means that a bobbin change, thread break or any other issue on one head requires all other heads to stop, until the issue is resolved.

“In contrast, with Melco EMT16X embroidery machines, a bobbin change or thread break doesn’t require all the other heads to stop sewing, as they keep working even when one head has stopped.”

The Melco EMT16X single-head version offers many benefits to embroiderers, adds Amaya.

On the Melco EMT16X, a bobbin change or thread break doesn’t require all the other heads to stop sewing

“As well as the technical benefits, users can add on extra machines when production dictates, so you don’t have to make the decision about what size machine you start with, and then lose money when you part exchange.”

Brother Sewing Machines: Brother Entrepreneur W PR680W Six-Needle Embroidery Machine

The Brother Entrepreneur W PR680W six-needle embroidery machine offers an industrial speed acceleration of 0-1,000 stitches per minute in seven seconds, reports Brother, so projects can be completed faster and with minimal noise.

“Combine that with timesaving features like the auto-thread cutter, colour sorting, plus auto-thread colour change, and the PR680W becomes the perfect productivity partner.

“With an expanded thread tension range, you’ll also achieve a professional finish every time, even on tricky fabrics or when using speciality threads.”

The PR680W comes with a 300 x 200mm work area, plus a 10.1” high-definition LCD display with “an easy-to-use interface” and 24 pre-installed tutorial videos.

The PR680W offers an industrial speed acceleration of 0-1,000spm in seven seconds, says Brother

It also features the “largest crosshair pointer on the market, basting function and on-screen stitch simulator” to help minimise mistakes, adds Brother.

“Use our patented magnetic frames to easily hoop projects, with no need to waste time fiddling with levers or catches. The magnetic frames also reduce scratching and hoop burn, minimising product wastage.

“Arrange and align text, add an easy appliqué outline, pattern rotation in 0.1, 1, 10 and 90 degree increments, adjust sizes, combine designs — you can even create multiple appliqués in one hoop.”

TheMagicTouch: Reflectra ‘Stitchfoil’ Reflective Films

Used like a regular appliqué, Reflectra Stitchfoil reflective films are compatible with all embroidery machines.

“The Reflectra products assist in dramatically reducing stitch time using a simple outline satin stitch,” explains TheMagicTouch.

“They offer an illumination effect when exposed to any direct light source, or flashes from cameras or smart phones — the effects are stunning and offer massive potential for embroidered fashion, promotional, sports and workwear.”

Available in a 48 x 32cm sheet format in a variety of colours and effects, Reflectra Stitchfoil is made free from PVC, softeners and heavy metals, and meets all the requirements of the Oeko-Tex standards.

Reflectra Stitchfoil is available in a 48 x 32cm sheet format

Madeira UK: Polyneon Green and Sensa Green Embroidery Threads

Madeira UK has introduced two sustainable embroidery threads from its new Madeira Green label: Polyneon Green and Sensa Green.

Available in 108 colours, Polyneon Green offers a strong, shiny thread made from 100% recycled polyester spun from recycled plastic bottles, explains the thread manufacturer.

“Derived from post-consumer waste, the standard weight 40 thread provides high-quality industrial embroideries, and can be used for workwear, sportswear, jeans, shoes and more.”

Sensa Green is a “sensationally soft”, natural innovation constructed from 100% lyocell fibres, which are made from sustainable wood and pulp from
renewable forest sources, adds Madeira.

Madeira’s new eco-friendly Sensa Green embroidery thread is made from 100% lyocell fibres

“It’s the first coloured lyocell embroidery thread on the market, available in 144 beautiful shades. Produced using a closed-loop process, the clean production reclaims 99% of the organic solvents and water used in the process.

“Spun and dyed exclusively in Germany, Sensa Green has a low-carbon impact due to shorter transportation cycles, and is certainly one of the most sustainable threads on the market.”

Wilcom: WilcomWorkspace

WilcomWorkspace is available on PC, Mac and tablet devices, with new functionality and features regularly added and included in subscriptions, says Wilcom.

“Studio and Estimator are the two main applications, which are independent, allowing you to subscribe to both or choose the one you need today.”

Custom thread charts are coming soon to the Studio app, which will enable users to select from existing threads charts, or create and save their own unique company thread chart, making recolouring designs a breeze, adds Wilcom.

WilcomWorkspace is now available in eight languages

In addition, the Estimator app will soon see the addition of a pricing module where users can “upload their own pricing table, and so generate a real-time quote for digitising and production for the first time — these automatic quotes can be saved for reference and later use”.

WilcomWorkspace users will also soon have the option to download the Estimator sample result as an EMB file or a stitch file.

Both applications are now available in eight languages – English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, French, Russian and Japanese – which can be selected from the top-right drop-down menu.

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