From ‘intelligent’ multi-heads and advanced digitising software to matt threads and reflective embroidery films, we catch up with the current advances in embroidery equipment and consumables

AJS: Tajima TMEZ Embroidery Machine with Intelligent Thread Management

Designed with the operator in mind, the new Tajima TMEZ range with Intelligent Thread Management (I-TM) is now available with one, two, four, six and eight embroidery heads.

“I-TM cleverly looks at the design and delivers exactly the right amount and length of thread that is needed for that exact stitch,” explains AJS.

This next generation of Tajima embroidery machines have a digitally-controlled presser foot (DCP), which is designed to help users embroider on very thin to thick material or seamed sections without fluttering.

The new Tajima TMEZ machines feature Intelligent Thread Management and are barcode-ready

The TMEZ series also features a special Fine Stitch (FS) mode that “provides stability and creates a high quality of embroidery, which makes it easy to sew with hard-to-embroider threads”.

Made with a slim cylinder design for easier access, the TMEZ series has a reinforced wide cap frame to enhance embroidery stability, which increases the rotational speed to 1,000 rotations per minute. The machines also enable network access, come with two USB and one LAN port, and are barcode-ready.

Other features include a large, full-colour touchscreen operating panel, picker-less trimmers, thread trappers, head control keys, a laser position marker and a new universal needle plate.

TheMagicTouch: Reflectra ‘Stitchfoil’ Reflective Films

Used like a regular appliqué, Reflectra Stitchfoil reflective films are compatible with all embroidery machines. “The Reflectra products assist in dramatically reducing stitch time using a simple outline satin stitch,” explains TheMagicTouch.

“They offer an illumination effect when exposed to any direct light source, or flashes from cameras or smart phones — the effects are stunning and offer massive potential for embroidered fashion, promotional, sports and workwear.”

Available in 48x32cm sheet format in a variety of colours and effects, Reflectra Stitchfoil is made free from PVC, softeners and heavy metals, and meets all the requirements of the Oeko-Tex standards.

Reflectra “dramatically” reduces stitch time, says TheMagicTouch

Wilcom: WilcomWorkspace

New for 2021, WilcomWorkspace offers an online embroidery companion enabling users to view and resize their embroidery designs and use the company’s stitch processing technology to recalculate stitches and stitch spacing.

“It offers a simple and affordable way to open the latest e4.5 .EMB embroidery design files, resize, recolour, export and print designs from anywhere,” says Wilcom. Being web-based, it runs on PC, Mac and most tablet devices.

Online embroidery companion WilcomWorkspace is new for 2021

Embroiderers can save designs in the data-rich Wilcom .EMB file format, and retain all the thread colour and embroidery information. They can also convert and export any .EMB design to machine stitch files, including Tajima .DST, Tajima .TBF, Barudan .DSB, Melco .EXP and more, and “create unique colourways for different coloured garments and view them with Wilcom’s TrueView technology, simulating a stitched embroidery design in the various thread colourways”.

Madeira UK: Frosted Matt 30

New Frosted Matt 30 is a slightly thicker polyester thread, which is “truly non-reflective with a vintage vibe”. It’s available in 96 vibrant colours, comes on 2,500m cones, is bleach- and chlorine-resistant, “extremely colourfast”, and certified to Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex, Product Class 1, reports Madeira.

The company adds that Matt 30 gives a softer coverage and solid finish, which is ideal for stitched backgrounds, larger lettering and 3D cap embroidery. It can be used as an underlay, adding volume and structure to satin top stitching, creating a dimensional raised embroidery effect.

Ideal for decorative stitching on seams and overlocking, it can also be used for stitching onto leather, denim, shoes, accessories, workwear and outdoor garments.

Madeira’s new Frosted Matt 30 is available in 96 shades

Madeira advises that when using Frosted Matt 30, it’s important to inform your embroidery digitiser to widen the stitch density to approximately 0.5-0.6mm. The recommended needle size is between 70/10–80/12.

Also from Madeira, Weblon backing is an all-rounder with a lightweight but “super strong” make-up that works well with piqué fabric – “this not only helps to eliminate puckering, but also avoids adding unnecessary bulk to the design”.

The company’s Ezee ComfortWear backing is designed to help eliminate skin irritation caused by sharp tie-offs: when heat-pressed onto the back of the embroidery. It creates a barrier between the stitches and the skin.

Amaya: Melco EMT16X Multi-head Embroidery Machine

The new Melco EMT16X multi-head embroidery machine comes packed with benefits, says Amaya, giving users outstanding performance, efficiency and stitch quality. “Thanks to enhanced Melco stitch dynamics, the frequency of thread issues are minimised, which means more run time per machine and greater return-on-investment potential.”

The Melco EMT16X is a multi-head with a difference, and can be configured to adjust to your production input, adds the supplier.

The new Melco from Amaya “comes packed with benefits”

“If you’re starting out in the industry, it’s difficult to know how many embroidery heads you will require — with the Melco system it doesn’t matter, you can add on heads whenever you need to. There’s no costly part exchange when you have to step up from a one-head to a four-head, with Melco you just add another one or two on.”

Fully compatible with the Melco EMT16X, the new Melco V11 Design Shop design and editing software is also now available.

GS UK: Gunold Embroidery Threads

“The choice of embroidery thread is very important for any embroidery company, large or small,” says GS UK. “Whichever type of thread is required for a particular project, using a premium quality thread, such as Gunold, will ensure a consistently high breaking strength and colour fastness.”

The company adds that Gunold threads have a low tolerance in colour deviation, and identical thread size in all colours and dye batches.

“All Gunold threads are certified according to the Oeko-Tex Standard 100, and its Premium range includes the Poly and Sulky embroidery threads, which are both made of high-quality raw materials,” adds the supplier.

“Sulky, a 100% rayon thread, starts out as viscose and is processed by ENKA.

Gunold threads have a low tolerance in colour deviation, reports GS UK

“To manufacture viscose, ENKA utilises the wood of a unique, specialised pine tree that is grown in a protected, controlled plantation — this results in a sustainable, renewable and biodegradable resource.”

Gunold uses a modern dye house in Europe for the production of its rayon embroidery thread. The dye house is equipped with state-of-the-art dyeing equipment and a special dye programme, which reduces the amount of chemicals required to dye the thread.” And only environmentally-friendly reactive dyes are used,” adds GS UK.

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