We review the latest must-have equipment, software and consumables from top suppliers to the embroidery industry

Madeira UK: Polyneon Green and Sensa Green embroidery threads

Madeira UK’s new Green range of eco-friendly embroidery threads includes Polyneon Green and Sensa Green.

Polyneon Green offers a premium quality, machine embroidery thread made from 100% recycled PET plastic bottles and has the same features as standard Polyneon thread, explains the company.

“Polyneon Green is shiny, robust and performs excellently on high-speed industrial machines.”

Smooth and strong, Sensa Green is extremely soft with a velvety silk, matt finish, and is the only embroidery thread on the market that is made from 100% biodegradable lyocell fibres, adds Madeira UK.

[L-R] Madeira’s new Green range of eco-friendly threads includes Polyneon Green and Sensa Green

“Lyocell fibre is made of cellulose, a natural material derived from trees grown in sustainably managed forests — it’s a truly eco-friendly embroidery thread manufactured using a closed loop production process for a more sustainable textile industry.”

Madeira UK also offers a range of embroidery backings and toppings, plus accessories such as machine frames, needles, bobbins, scissors, snips, sprays and oil for machine maintenance.

Brother Sewing Machines: Entrepreneur W PR680W Embroidery Machine

The new Entrepreneur W PR680W embroidery machine is the perfect option for embroiderers looking to go from home hobbyist to small business owner, says Brother Sewing Machines.

“With six-needle speed and industrial acceleration, the PR680W can handle different-sized projects with ease.

“Give yourself space to create on the generous 200 x 300mm work area, and clearly see your designs on its built-in, 10.1” high-definition LCD display.”

The new Entrepreneur W PR680W has a generous 200 x 300mm work area

The PR680W comes with a large crosshair pointer for accurate pattern placement, as well as 763 built-in embroidery designs and decorative alphabet patterns.

Wilcom: EmbroideryStudio e4.5 Designing

EmbroideryStudio e4.5 Designing provides exclusive tools for creating professional quality embroidery designs, says Wilcom.

“With over 220 professionally digitised fonts, our premium software delivers precise and reliable lettering every time.

“Combining powerful automatic lettering tools along with other standard embroidery tools in EmbroideryStudio e4.5 will help to create unique logo designs much faster — you could even choose to create a secondary logo for embroidery use only.”

Perfect for creating an impressive logo, Yale, a new faux chenille ESA font set, is also available for free with any purchase of EmbroideryStudio e4.5 Designing, and offers a full Wilcom character set of 159 characters, adds the company.

The new Yale faux chenille ESA font set is available for free with EmbroideryStudio e4.5 Designing

When creating logos using its lettering software, EmbroideryStudio e4.5 Designing offers Team Names, which enables users to create one design personalised with multiple names. Lettering can also be combined with any one of Wilcom’s 560 logo samples, which are saved in the Design Library.

Other features include Lettering Baselines and Lettering Art, which can manipulate the letters to either curve gently or fit inside a shape — the letters remain editable, the same as standard lettering.

AJS: Tajima TMEZ Embroidery Machines

The Tajima TMEZ range of embroidery machines is available in one, two, four, six, and eight heads.

UK distributor AJS reports that the TMEZ machines, with their ‘Intelligent Thread Management’ (I-TM) system, are the first embroidery machines without manual tensions. “I-TM cleverly looks at the design and delivers exactly the right amount and length of thread that is needed for that exact stitch. No more manual thread tension adjustment makes it much easier for non-skilled operatives to operate the machines, and gives consistent results and virtually eliminates the age-old problem of pulling on designs,” explains the company.

The Tajima TMEZ machines are “the first embroidery machines without manual tensions”

The TMEZ machines also include a DCP (digitally controlled presser foot), which allows the machine to embroider on very thin to thick material or seamed sections without fluttering; a 12.1” full-colour touchscreen operating panel; FS mode (easy to sew difficult, twisted threads); picker-less trimmers; substantial memory; easy threading heads; two USB and one LAN ports; a laser position marker; ‘super-slim’ cylinder arm; a new type of reinforced cap frame system; thread trappers; a new universal needle plate; and handy head control keys. It’s also barcode-ready for easy networking. 

Amaya Sales UK: Melco EMT16X Modular Embroidery Machine

Melco’s modular embroidery machines, including its latest system, the Melco EMT16X, offer great advantages in production efficiency, says distributor Amaya Sales UK.

“Traditional multi-head embroidery machines require all embroidery machine heads to operate in unison — this means that a bobbin change, thread break, or another issue on one head will require all the other heads to stop until the issue has been resolved.

“In contrast, with the Melco EMT16X, a bobbin change or thread break doesn’t require all the heads to stop sewing as they can keep working even when one head has stopped.”

The Melco EMT16X offers great advantages in production efficiency

In addition to its technical benefits, adds Amaya, the Melco EMT16X single-head version also enables embroiderers to add on extra machines where production dictates.

GS UK: Merlin 101 Single-Head Embroidery Machine

The new Merlin 101 embroidery machine is the latest addition to the Merlin Pro range.

With 10 needles and a maximum sewing speed of 1,000 stitches per minute, the entry-level, single-head embroidery machine is perfect for start-ups, smaller businesses or custom apparel businesses expanding into embroidery, explains GS UK.

“Suitable for embroidery on flats, caps, finished garments and more, it has a maximum embroidery area of 310 x 210mm, while the machine’s smaller sewing arm greatly improves the performance of cap embroidery and embroidery on small items.”

The new Merlin 101 has a maximum sewing speed of 1,000 spm

The Merlin 101 comes with a high-definition, true-colour 7” LCD touchscreen panel, which allows the user to upload and edit design settings, as well as
create customised lettering.

It also features a 220° wide angle cap system and an external bobbin winder, plus a heavy-duty, steel machine stand with wheels that separates from the machine for easy transportation.

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