We ask three young ‘workers’ to put the Snickers Workwear Junior range of garments through the ultimate playtime test


Sam, Arty and Jen get to work modelling the Junior garments from Snickers Workwear

It’s hard work being a kid – all that physical activity, the constant bumps and scrapes, and the licence to get filthy on a daily basis. Fortunately for parents, the Junior range from Snickers Workwear promises durable clothes that are capable of surviving the non-stop play and general chaos of their little ones’ lives. For garment decorators, the range promises a novel and hugely appealing addition to the childrenswear portfolio. But what do the kids think? We asked some real-life ‘Bob the Builders’ for their expert opinion on the garments.

Our testers for the day – Arty, age three, Jen, age five, and Sam, age four – are each given a pair of Snickers Junior Holster Pocket Trousers (7501), which are made from Rip-stop fabric and have more pockets than you can shake a Pom-Bear at. The kids attach tape measures to the trousers and stuff their pockets with torches (also sent by Snickers) as well as screwdrivers, spanners, a hammer and bottles of bubbles. While there is still room for more tools, the saws are vetoed by the parents and the kids are starting to struggle to walk with the weight of everything they’ve enthusiastically shoved in their many pockets.

“The trousers are very good for running in,” reports Jen, as she legs it down the road. Arty is mute with excitement at being dressed up as a proper builder – three days later, he still won’t say much about them beyond replying with a firm ‘Yes’ when asked if he likes them. He has, however, worn them every day since the shoot, has permanently moved his play tool set into the pockets and refuses to wear any other jacket.

Pockets galore!

The padded, reinforced knees allow the kids to throw themselves down on the pavement outside a building site without grazing any knees, while the patches of super bright yellow fabric combined with reflective strips around the ankles makes it easy to keep an eye on them. “I like putting tools in them,” says Sam, while measuring up the building site’s door. “They are proper builder’s clothes. I will build a box.”

Jen is wearing the 300 gsm, 65% polyester/35% cotton Junior Zip Hoodie (7504), with its ribbed cuffs and thumb grips. It is very warm, she confirms.

The Junior Soft Shell Jacket (7506) is, says Sam’s dad, the best coat Sam has ever had: a water-repellent, breathable softshell with pre-bent sleeves and a detachable hood complete with hi-vis. It feels built to last and Sam adds: “It’s very comfortable and keeps me dry.” He takes it into school to show everyone. Jen’s mum likes the design of the jacket and says it is the garment she would choose to buy out of the three being tried out.

Arty’s dad is very enthusiastic: “I think the clothes are great. I like the fact that they’re properly made as opposed to playwear. When I was a kid I didn’t like being fobbed off with toy stuff, I wanted the real thing. I wanted a hammer like my dad, not a plastic one. These are the real deal.

And you’ll never destroy them, that’s the best thing about them.”

Arty’s mum texts later to say she’s buying herself a grown-up pair of Snickers trousers for some upcoming building work.