Secabo has announced the launch of the new modular TS7 Smart heat press – its first ‘made in Germany’ heat press – at Fespa Global Print Expo 2020 in Madrid.

Combining the swing-away TS7 with Secabo’s new Softheat SH7 membrane heat plate and/or its new Thermobase TB7 base plate transforms the press into what the company is calling ‘The Beast’ – a complete solution for heat transfer printing that is said to protect garments and solve common heat transfer problems, including printing transfers across collars, button strips and zippers.

The new SH7 Softheat membrane heating plate uses a membrane, which automatically inflates once the press is closed to compensate for uneven garment details and significantly reduce heat marks. “Pressure and temperature peaks at problematic areas such as buttons, collar, hem and seam are nearly eliminated. The ‘soft-heat’ plate is ready for use after only three minutes of warming up and consumes significantly less electricity than conventional heating technology,” comments Secabo.

TS7 can also be extended with the TB7 Thermobase – a heated base plate that is particularly recommended for sensitive garments, as well as white toner and sublimation transfers. “The heat is supplied from below when using the thermal base, which allows for overall lower transfer temperatures, shorter transfer times and minimises undesirable marks on garments,” explains Secabo.

The TS7 Smart press can process large prints up to 40x50cm, and can handle transfer objects up to 7cm in height. It can be controlled using the company’s optional Smart Transfer App; this enables users to choose the type of fabric and the desired transfer medium, with the app then automatically retrieving the appropriate temperature, time and pressure settings.

Secabo will be on stand 3-D58 at Fespa from 24-27 March in Madrid, Spain.