South East Workwear has announced the launch of its new workwear brand Oxford Workwear

Following the announcement of Dickies ceasing its UK operations at the end of March 2021, Adrian Burton, director of SE Workwear, said his company decided to take the “window of opportunity” and produce its own brand of trousers, in order to provide its customers with alternative products.

“For the past five months, we’ve been working hard to perfect our range of products, investing in our own stretch cotton fabric and eco packaging.

Adrian Burton in the new Horton Trousers from Oxford Workwear

“We knew our materials had to be flexible, and after selling workwear for 30 years, we had a pretty good idea of what our customer wanted and what they didn’t like,” added Adrian.

Oxford Workwear’s five new styles of workwear trousers are made from one of two new fabrics created by the brand.

The Nuffield Trousers are made from the brand’s new ‘Oxford Flexi’ fabric

The Radcliffe Trousers will also be available in a shorts style

Oxford Workwear will introduce a range of safety footwear later this year

Designed for unrestricted, all-day movement and comfort, its ‘Oxford Flexi’ stretch fabric is made from a pre-shrunk, 97% cotton/3% elastane fabric with a peach finish, promising excellent breathability.

Three trouser styles are available in the ‘Oxford Flexi’ fabric: the Radcliffe, the Nuffield and the Horton, which all feature the brand’s Bull branding on its ‘Flexi’ waistband.

The Radcliffe offers a craftsman work trouser with a multitude of pockets for functionality; a shorts version of the Radcliffe trousers will be available in June.

The Nuffield offers a modern cut, service trouser with cargo pockets and internal knee pad pouches.

Aimed at younger tradespeople, the Horton cargo trousers come with a slim cut leg, cargo pockets and internal knee pad pouches.

Oxford Workwear also offers two entry-level trouser styles: the Churchill and the Warneford. These two styles are made from its 65% polyester/35% cotton ‘Oxford Work’ fabric designed to be lightweight, yet hard-wearing.

The Churchill cargo work trousers feature a top-loading knee pad pouch, with a stretch fabric on the waistband to give increased comfort when kneeling or bending down.

The Warneford offers a tradesman trouser with multiple pockets, plus a top-loading knee pad pouch produced from a reinforced ballistic nylon fabric.

Initially, the new products are only available from SE Workwear’s retail store, and online via the brand’s new website.

“There’s also been huge demand from companies asking to be distributors for Oxford Workwear products, which will happen in the coming months, once we are fully stocked up and can support their demand,” added Adrian.

“Our initial shipment is made up of 10,000 pieces, and we’re now in the final discussions with an investment body that contacted us and wish to help develop the brand, which is also very exciting.”

If you’re interested in becoming an Oxford Workwear distributor, complete an online form at and the brand will send you further details.

In 2021, Oxford Workwear will also introduce a range of safety footwear, which includes four new styles.