The M&R Polaris has more than twelve different hardware and software systems that operate in harmony to achieve “industry-leading production speeds and exceptional print quality”, says UK distributor Screen Print World

“The enhanced print quality of the Polaris comes from the two industrial, digital print engines with a 15” wide print head array for high-speed, single-axis printing.

“Another key contributor to image quality is M&R’s print sequencing, where pretreatment is applied and dried prior to the application of the white ink, which is then flashed before printing the CMYK inks.”

In addition, the Polaris has an automated pretreatment application system, which Screen Print World explains is programmable for different colours and types of garments.

In addition, it features high-velocity airflow quartz flash cure units and a barcode scanner that supports on-demand printing. Its on-board heat presses are designed to flatten fabric fibres to create a smooth printing surface.

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