Screen Print World (SPW) has introduced its new water-based Spot-On Hybrid inks.

Suitable for manual and automatic print applications, Spot-On Hybrid offers a silky smooth and slow-drying water-based ink for printing onto both light and dark garments, explained SPW.

“The composition of our water-based Hybrid inks prevents clogging, and allow screens to stay open three to four times longer than traditional water-based inks — best results with opaque inks are obtained using 43T mesh counts.

“The inks will flash off on the press very quickly, and offer a smooth, soft matte finish on final curing.”

The Spot-On Hybrid inks collection includes a super opaque white, metallic gold and silver, and a Spot-On Hybrid base for adding pigments, as well as a water-based anti-migration base.

The new inks are both Global Organic Textile Standard and Oeko-Tex certified, and promise a soft handle, extra elasticity, a high washing resistance and rub fastness.