Screen Print World has announced the launch of its new screen printing brand for crafters, artist and hobbyist screen printers.

Launched in November, Crafty Screen supplies water-based inks, screens, squeegees, printing presses and more for first time screen printers. The brand also provides free screen printing templates on its website, as well as guidelines, hints and tips for those looking to take up screen printing at home.

We’ve seen a definite growth in hobby screen printing during the coronavirus lockdown, said Holly Best, marketing coordinator at Screen Print World.

“We saw a spike in sales from crafters, as people tried to find new interesting hobbies that they could take up from home. We saw a gap in the market for this and wanted to create a fun, creative brand around it.

“We wanted a fun, simple and crafty website to showcase our products, and one that was more focused on the craft market.”

Crafty Screen offers beginner, intermediate and advanced screen printing kits for home use, which have been put together by the company’s screen printing experts.

“We supply basic beginners kits that include stencil paper, a screen, a squeegee and water-based printing inks, to more advanced kits that on top of that, include a small printing press, cleaning supplies and everything you need to expose a screen,” added Holly.

“We even have a great starter kit for kids, which has been a hit for us since we launched, and is a nice way of occupying little ones as well as teaching them a new skill.

“We suggest starting with one of our kits, as they contain everything you need as a beginner to get you started! Once people see how easy it is to get started with screen printing, they’re hooked.”

Crafty Screen offers beginner, intermediate and advanced screen printing kits