Screen Print World has been announced as the exclusive UK supplier of Franmar, a soy bean-based cleaning product suitable for the screen printing industry.

There are seven cleaning solutions in the eco-friendly product range, which are currently stocked at Screen Print World in one US-gallon bags. Each bag of solution comes in a box with an attached spigot tap, which the company says is particularly useful when topping up buckets or spray bottles.

Nick Walker, sales and technical support at Screen Print World, said: “Franmar’s products fill a gap in the screen print production environment where traditional chemical-based screen consumables with high odour and low flash points are being seen as aggressive, smelly and bad for the environment.

“While we always strive to ensure that we balance effective products with the growing demands of a more educated client base when it comes to environmental issues, and we have the knowledge to advise on best practices, we also see the need to offer natural based cleaning products for small and large print operations.

“The products are all effective, economical and safe, and were all developed to benefit both the workers and the environment.”