The Weiss Medium Carousel from Screen Ink and Solvents

New from Screen Ink and Solvents (SISS) is the WPS Compact Tabletop Carousel, which the company says it designed following the success of the original WPS Tabletop Carousel. Smaller and lighter than the original, the Compact is ideal for smaller print shops. It is upgradeable to six colours using 20” x 24” screens, comes with micro-registration as standard and includes a platen print arm, which can be removed when the carousel is not being used. A larger platen print arm can be purchased to allow for overprinting, and from this month printers can also upgrade from a single station to a two-station version.

SISS is also the UK dealer for Weiss Carousels. The Weiss Medium Carousel range is made in Denmark “to the highest standards and built to last”, reports the company. It is built with quality components, strong bearings and with a single compression spring to produce a smooth print arm action and offers all-heads down printing. “Optional side clamps and micro-registration are combined with an adjustable pallet arm height for an extremely rigid print platform,” explains SISS, adding that “the registration forks are factory set and require no lubrication or adjustment.”


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