Schulze has launched a new dryer for DTG print shop – the KN75200 UD DTG drying channel.

Equipped with what the company says is a “highly effective air circulation system for optimum and uniform drying”, the dryer has a double belt that allows the garment to be automatically taken back along the lower belt to the user after drying. “With the KN 75200/75 UD, working distances can be shortened and production times optimised,” Schulze added. It can be used for drying screen printing ink as well as DTG ink. The cover has thick thermal insulation, which is said to result in a significant reduction in power consumption, features a touch display, and is equipped with rollers and brakes for easy movement.

Also new from the company is the BluePressLine Mug 15 Turbo, a rotating mug press. Users simply place the mug on the machine and the mug is automatically taken into one of the 15 heating elements, which can heat up to 220ºC. The transfer time is 3.5 minutes, after which the mug is placed on a cooling surface. Schulze reports that the press can produce 257 mugs an hour.