The Schoolwear Show has unveiled colourful new branding ahead of its return this October.

Based on the idea of the show bringing people together, it has drawn inspiration from the curved roof design of Cranmore Park in Shirley, near Birmingham, where the event is held.

It embraces three primary colours said to symbolise “passion, reliability and optimism”, capturing “the dynamic and positive essence of schoolwear”.

The next show will be held at Cranmore Park on 6 and 7 October, bringing together schoolwear retailers, suppliers and other industry professionals with the latest schoolwear and accessories.

It provides a platform for independent schoolwear retailers to meet suppliers face to face, explore new products and stay updated on industry trends.

Key themes for 2024 are expected to include sustainability such as eco-friendly materials, ethical sourcing and sustainable practices, and how digital technology is transforming schoolwear retail, online sales and customer engagement.

Other issues likely to come up include industry challenges such as addressing supply chain issues, changing regulations, and market shifts.

The show will feature a seminar programme which is expected to cover topics such as marketing, inventory management and customer retention as well as regulations, compliance, safety standards and best practice. It also aims to provide insights into current and future industry trends and consumer behaviour.