The Schoolwear Association has launched Every Child Is Worth It, a campaign that aims to highlight the positive impact a uniform can have on a multitude of areas, including pupils’ mental health and family finances.

The association is hoping school leaders will get behind the initiative, and says the campaign will show that wearing a uniform helps promote social equality and cohesion, reduce bullying and alleviate stress in schools. The campaign will also highlight the work that its members do in their local communities.

“Every Child Is Worth It underlines the importance of a school-specific uniform in creating a level playing field,” commented David Burgess, chair of the Schoolwear Association. “In a world obsessed by appearances, it’s not surprising that young people can feel under pressure to wear a different outfit every day, which can distract them from their work.
“We firmly believe that a school uniform fosters a powerful sense of community that allows pupils to follow their interests, work together and succeed academically, without worrying about what to wear.”

He added: “Our suppliers run independent businesses and are often at the heart of a community, so they go to great lengths to ensure their uniforms can withstand the rigours of school life.”

Regular news and updates for the Every Child Matters campaign can be found on the association’s Facebook and Twitter channels.