Ben Weber explains why decorated garments help promote safety and also act as “walking adverts“ for Quickslide

At Quickslide, a manufacturer of made-to-measure sliding sash windows, bi-folding doors, casement windows and doors in PVCu and aluminium, safety is a top priority for its employees. Ben Weber worked his way up to the position of managing director from the factory floor and his experiences have meant he is fully aware of the importance of focusing on health and safety in the workplace. As a result, factory workers at the company‘s 150,000 sq ft headquarters in Brighouse, West Yorkshire, all wear garments that feature symbols to indicate the wearer‘s level of training and certifications, such as forklift truck, fire marshal, first aiders, as well as being branded with the company‘s logo.

Ben explains: “The garments promote our brand as well as improving the security on site as they indicate whether a worker belongs in the given work areas or situations. “We have garments available for all staff, which promotes a sense of team spirit and belonging. It is very easy to distinguish between factory and office staff, and by offering uniforms to all staff we’re removing negative elements that sets us apart.” The door and window installers also wear Quickslide-branded uniforms. “When our customers see our installers approaching they are immediately able to identify them, which in turn will improve our overall customer service,” says Ben. “Neighbours will also be able to identify who’s fitting their neighbours’ new windows and doors. The installers are virtually walking adverts.”

Safe, comfortable and practical

Commercial director Clare Lumb is responsible for the purchasing of uniform, with Ash Workwear in Cheshire being the preferred supplier. Quickslide has used Ash Workwear for a number of years – when on the rare occasion Quickslide has had to use another decorator Ben reports that “we always get let down”, whereas he says Ash Workwear always goes out of its way to make sure the company gets the service it needs.

According to Ben, safety, quality, appearance and comfort are the main priorities when it comes to choosing garments – “however, cost is also important“ he adds. The main garment brand they use is Orn Clothing. The garments for the internal production team are embroidered while those for the installers are printed. “They tend to require replacement more often so it makes sense to keep the costs down,“ explains Ben. “Also, printed [garments] are often easier to see on site.” Having branded clothing is important to Quickslide, he says.

“It shows commitment from the business to the employees, and it also prevents any issues surrounding opinions about other individuals’ clothing choices. “Our main priority is always safety: having a high visibility uniform ensures safety on site and internally allows us to identify specific team members, fire marshals, first aiders and supervisors.” For garment decorators looking to supply a similar business to Quickslide, Ben advises: “Understand the needs of the business, don’t just focus on what looks the best, and also consider safety, comfort and practicality as well.”