Sabur has sold its first DGI HSFT II industrial sublimation printer in the UK. “We are very excited about the DGI brand in the UK and the HSFT II is an industrial grade sublimation printer with excellent print quality at a competitive price point,” states managing director Dean Sanger. “The customer who has just purchased the first UK HSFT II is an existing customer of ours running multiple smaller sublimation printers. They were initially looking at adding more smaller machines to their production facility, but when they saw the HSFT II in action they were blown away by the improved print quality and detail versus their existing printers. The customer was also impressed with how they could utilise their existing printers to proof work ready for the bulk production to then be transferred onto the DGI, meaning the DGI wouldn’t be tied up sampling jobs, wasting precious production time.”

The printer has a true production speed of 104 linear metres per hour at 600 x 600dpi and can handle rolls with a width of up to 1900mm. Readers can call or email for a demonstration at Sabur’s Barnsley showroom.

01226 280999