Alan Hatch is not only a Nerf gun war veteran and digital sales and marketing executive at Dave Roper, but also plays the drums for Rustlung. The band, which comes under the label of ‘groove heavy metal’, has been performing with the current line-up since October 2014.

During one of the band’s first shows Alan was using someone else’s drum stands and the snare drum stand failed. “I called Pete (Davies, vocalist) across during an instrumental section to help with the collapsing stand, but Pete thought it was an invitation to make his drumming debut, grabbed a pair of sticks and started hitting the snare in time (sort of) with what was being played. Everyone bar Pete knew what the problem was, but he just played on regardless despite the snare being pretty much on the floor,” recalls Alan.

[Left to right] Pete, Mike, Dave and Alan in their Rustlung T-shirts

Band File

Band name: Rustlung

Band members: Pete Davies (Vocals), Mike Breakwell (Guitar), Dave Breakwell (Bass) and Alan Hatch (Drums)

Greatest musical influence: Pantera or Clutch

The tune the crowd always wants to hear: Strays

Most memorable gig: Opening the O2 Academy Birmingham

Sum up your band in one sentence: If the characters from The Young Ones and Blackadder had four love children…

Best band T-shirt you’ve ever owned: Iron Maiden Aces High Baseball Tee

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