Russell Europe has adopted Russell Athletic’s red, white and blue “Eagle R” logo to create a uniform market presence globally alongside the launch of a new website.

The new branding has been rolled out across the European division of Russell Brands, which is a specialist in the business-to-business provision of high-quality corporate wear.

The Eagle R logo was first introduced in 1983 and, after a hiatus, brought back to life with a Russell Athletic “Heritage” collection in the US and Europe in 2017. It was the first step in Russell Athletic’s launch into consumer lifestyle and streetwear fashion globally.

The Russell Athletic brand in Europe is a separate business unit from Russell Brands Europe and is operated through a licensee that focuses on consumer retail.

For Russell Athletic’s 120th anniversary in 2022, Russell Brands Europe has consciously decided to align its own logo with the Russell Athletic Eagle R logo “to ensure a uniform market presence worldwide”.

The new Russell Brands Europe logo comes without the “Athletic” lettering below the Eagle R to more align with its corporate positioning but the rest of the logo is identical to the Russell Athletic logo.

“By doing this, we are aligning our market presence in Europe and at the same time differentiating ourselves from the Russell Athletic consumer business,” the company explained in a statement.

“Ultimately, we believe that this new logo alignment will present greater brand awareness for Russell in Europe.”

The website, which went live this month, is designed to be very user-friendly and geared more strongly to Russell Brands Europe’s B2B customers’ needs.

“The new website is based on the same company-wide system landscape,” according to Russell Brands Europe. “This allows us to generate plenty of technical synergies and to ensure a globally aligned brand presence.

“The B2B order portal is a lot more appealing in design now and orders can be placed across brands – Russell Europe and Fruit of the Loom.

“The new logo and the new website are already live and we have already received a lot of positive feedback.”