Russell Europe has launched a marketing campaign that highlights different professions and sectors, from hospitality and horticulture to sports teams and clubs.

Under the banner of “True Team Colours”, the campaign comprises eight bold, perfectly coordinated colour worlds for every segment, each featuring a selection of the brand’s most successful products.

For instance, the catering industry such as restaurants and cafés is represented by the colour black as a “timeless, sophisticated look” for that sector. It features the Stretch Polo Shirt (566M/F), the Long-Sleeved Poplin Shirt (934M/F), the Short-Sleeved Poplin Shirt (935M) and the Authentic Classic T (180M).

Russell’s distribution partners are being given a range of marketing tools to promote the “True Team Colours” campaign including an extensive social media package consisting of ads, posts and animated videos featuring the individual colour themes and products.

The marketing package also includes product shots that highlight the colour and product world for the various professional sectors as well as newsletters and landing pages with detailed product information.

Medicine and healthcare are represented by white which “stands for reliability, cleanliness and competence”, focusing on the Russell Authentics and Polycotton ranges.

The hotel industry is pictured as French navy, “with understatement, elegance and class” in garments such as shirts and blouses. It features bestsellers such as the close-fitting Stretch Polo (566M/F) and the classic Long-Sleeved Poplin Blouse (934M/F).

General industry, trades and manufacturing have a colour palette of Convoy Grey, Titanium and Light Oxford, which stands for “competence and reliability”.

Logistics and warehouse management is pictured as a “dynamic red”, including Russell Europe’s bold Burgundy and Classic Red, because it is “highly visible and energising. Garments include the Authentic Sweats (270M) and Authentic Zip Hood Jackets (266M/F) as well as the Outdoor Fleece (870M) and Softshell Jackets (140M/F).

Mid Blue is used for offices and professional services “to convey confidence”, using a palette of Bright Royal and Azure. Favourites are the close-fitting Stretch Polo (934M/F), the classic Long-Sleeved Poplin Blouse made from a high-quality cotton blend (40M/F) and the classic Short-Sleeved poplin Shirt( 935M).

Light Blue is for sports teams and clubs as well as the sports and fitness industry, with Russell Europe colours of Sky and Mineral Blue. Russell Authentics offers the Authentic Classic T (180M), the Authentic Hooded Sweat (265M/F), the Authentic Jog Pants (268M) and the Authentic Eco Polo (570M).

For landscaping and horticulture, the choice is workwear in Bottle Green. Functional bestsellers for outdoor and indoor use include the Outdoor Fleece Jacket (870M/F), the Softshell Jacket (140M/F) and a wide range of sweatshirts, T-shirts and polo shirts.

Russell Europe black catering uniforms and workwear

Pictured: Russell Europe focuses on black for catering teamwear such as restaurants and cafes