New engineered T-shirts from RTP Apparel promise a future of DTG printing without the requirement for pretreatment.

Described as the newest innovation for the DTG printing market, the new RTP Apparel shirts license and utilise pretreatment technology from Image Armor. They have been designed “from the threads up to provide the absolute best printing and ink reactive fabric” and make the DTG process easier and more efficient. The garments are pretreated all-over and allow for DTG prints to be positioned anywhere on the garment, including over the sleeves and down the sides.

“The introduction of these Ready To Print T-Shirts streamlines the DTG production process making it more efficient and profitable, while also removing common issues with pretreatment ‘boxes’, staining, dye reactions, and inconsistent pretreatment application,” comments the brand.

Shirts will initially be available in black and white in sizes S-3X. They will be sold initially in the United States with distribution overseas hopefully following in 2017. More information can be found on the RTP Apparel website, where DTG printers can sign up to the pre-order list.


Main image: The new pretreated T-shirts from RTP Apparel will initially be offered in a choice of black or white colours