This smart workwear was decorated by Garbmann Ltd in Essex for R&S Windowfix

Involved in manufacture and fitting of glass, mirrors and repairs, R&S Windowfix are a family-run company that wanted a pack of clothing for its two new starters, explained Lucy Webb, digital marketing at Garbmann. 

“The workwear we provide them currently ranges from T-shirts and fleeces to coats and gilets, as part of a repeat order placed each time a new member joins their team.” 

Garbmann printed R&S Windowfix’s logo onto the Premium Cotton T-shirt (GD008) from Gildan with its R-Jet Pro direct-to-film printer.

Using its Melco EMT16 embroidery machine, the company also decorated Pro RTX’s Pro Micro Fleece (RX401), Regatta Professional’s Dover Waterproof Insulated Jacket (RG045) and Result Clothing’s Ultra Padded Bodywarmer (RS88).

Garbmann decorated the workwear using its R-Jet Pro DTF and Melco EMT16