Rowlinson Knitwear, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of schoolwear, has today revealed a new brand identity, One+All, to reflect changes at the business.

The new name is designed to reflect the company’s commitment to sustainability and “taking action for the greater good of everyone”. It will be added across its three existing schoolwear brands which will become One+All Performa, One+All Woodbank and One+All Courtelle.

The business, based in  Stockport in south Manchester, dates back to 1935 but is no longer owned by the Rowlinson family who founded it and is no longer focused on knitwear. In 2015, it shifted to employee ownership and has been 100% owned by its employees since last year.

Managing director Neil Ward said: “It’s a forward-thinking ownership model that is all about sharing success across all the people involved in it and our new branding reflects that. We look after our people in the business, our supply chain, our customers, the planet – it’s about everyone.”

The new name reflects the company’s certification as a B Corporation, which balances social and environmental benefits with profit, as well as it being an accredited Living Wage employer, a member of the Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter, a full member of the Ethical Trading initiative and certified CarbonNeutral.

The new One+All branding is being introduced from early July across the business. Made-to-order garments will reflect the new branding from September 2021, and all other garments from November 2021. Its website is already live at

Although the Rowlinson name is disappearing after 86 years, Neil said customers would see continuity through the brand names and the corporate values of “trust, care and being better”. He added: “We know all our customers really well and we are having conversations with them about the change. But the crux of what we do and how we do it won’t change.

“By adding One+All, it will bring all our brands together. Before, the Rowlinson name wasn’t in anything so people might never know the brands came from the same place. We want all our customers to instantly recognise that their schoolwear is from One+All.

“We hope rebranding helps our customers to grow their business. Adding One+All will give our customers more to talk about and a more powerful message to talk about. Telling the sustainability story behind every One+All garment is a message we believe will be equally welcomed by schools, parents and ultimately, students.”

The new branding was revealed today after two years of planning. It followed consultation with all the employees, both in Stockport and those offshore in Bangladesh, the Philippines and Egypt.

Donald Moore, chair of One+All, said: “This rebrand marks the start of another really exciting chapter for our company. It demonstrates that we’re always aiming to do the right thing and that every single one of us counts, but we’ll always be stronger together.”

The process was slightly delayed because of the pandemic, although the company has seen business power ahead after the initial uncertainly in spring 2020. “Overall, demand has levelled out over the year and might even have slightly increased because of children having to layer up more often because of windows being open,” Neil added.