Rowlinson Knitwear has revealed that Totex, its Tier 1 supplier in Egypt, has achieved a Planet Mark certification.

The schoolwear supplier is “the first UK-based textiles business to extend the carbon reduction certification to its overseas supply chain”, with Totex aiming to reduce its carbon footprint by 5% in the first year of certification, explained Rowlinson.

“At every single step of our products’ journeys, we aim to do the right thing for our suppliers, customers and the planet,” commented the company’s chair Donald Moore.

“We’re keen to help partners in our supply chain to adopt more sustainable practices, which is why we’ve supported Totex in achieving Planet Mark certification.

“We hope other businesses are inspired by our story, which proves that commercial achievement can go hand-in-hand with the pursuit of sustainable practices.”

“We are proud of our members Rowlinson, who continually make inspiring advancements to their sustainability commitments, demonstrating what responsible business looks like,” added Steve Malkin, CEO of Planet Mark.

“Rowlinson has gone beyond Planet Mark certification – measuring and reducing their carbon footprint – to embedding sustainable practices throughout their supply chain.

The certification of Totex, their tier 1 supplier in Egypt, shows that having a positive impact on the planet and society is central to how Rowlinson operates.”