Equipment manufacturer Roq introduced the Roq E and the Roq Impress at the Printing United trade show in the US in October.

Roq E is similar to the Roq You screen printing press, but the central lifting system is fully electric. “No external air supply is required; equipped with an ultra built-in air compressor, it only requires an electric connection to operate,” explained UK distributor I-Sub. Available in eight or 10 stations and up to eight colours, the Roq E has low profile pallet arms for easy sleeve printing.

“It’s the perfect solution for printers who do not have capacity or means to have an in-house compressor but still run up to 900 pieces an hour!” added I-Sub. The maintenance required is similar to the Roq You, including regular lubrication of the drive system and print heads.

The second new machine, the Roq Impress, is an automated transfer press that has been developed to press multiple types of heat transfers, including DTF, screen print, digital/screen, hybrid, vinyl, and specialty transfers. It has been designed to “make life easier” for those using specialty fabrics and hard-to-print items, the distributor noted, and is able to handle add-on applications like twill, rhinestones, foil, and more. 

The new Roq E has a fully electric central lifting system

The new Roq E has a fully electric central lifting system

It comes in two configurations: six stations with two heat presses at up to 300 pieces per hour, and six stations with three heat presses at up to 500 pieces per hour.

Each heat press head has a keypad for start, stop, rotate clockwise, and rotate counter clockwise, and the press cycle can be activated at the press of a button.

According to I-Sub, the unit runs on minimal air and power requirements, has a compact design and is easy to operate. “Printers also benefit from the ability to save custom ‘recipes’ for garments.”