Roq has launched the “third generation” of two of its digital printers, introducing updated versions of its Roq Now and Roq Hybrid machines.

Described as “game-changing”, they both come with a range of new configurations and other features that allow for increased productivity and even better quality.

The Roq Now can handle complex designs with ease, requiring only one operator to run at full speed. With a maximum production of around 200 pieces per hour, it is described as a versatile machine that allows users to tackle a wide array of different jobs regardless of the order size.

The third-generation Roq Now models come with new user-friendly software that provides centralised control of all accessories connected to it such as primers, presses, dryers and digital stations.

The new software, developed in-house, allows printers to integrate with their workflow management software in a much easier way.

The RIP is now a special version of Roq Studio with special DTG features that lead to benefits such as savings on ink.

The Roq Hybrid – billed as the “perfect fusion between screen-printing and digital printing” – offers the quality usually found only in digital together with special effects normally achieved through screen-printing.

It becomes possible to print a very complex design with its digital print-head and add effects such as flock and foil during the production process.

The new Hybrid models boast a maximum production of around 320 pieces per hour, offering speeds higher than ever before.

They also come with improved print-head maintenance, new user-friendly software, and the Micropigment 2.0 Ink system with perfect nozzle tests from day one, plus a bigger range of models.

The third-generation Roq Now and the Roq Hybrid machines feature a new standby mode that optimises the machines’ start-up and avoids problems in the ink circuit.

They both now have sensors within the ink system that avoid contamination of the vacuum circuit. Users can gain real-time knowledge of ink consumption due to a new Ink Weighting System.

Other additions to the machines include a new high-precision laser sensor to detect out-of-position substrates.

They also feature new remote diagnostic tools that connect to Roq’s DTG machines to help during customer support sessions.

Announcing the third-generation models, Roq said in a statement: “The Roq Now and Roq Hybrid have arrived with their updated configurations and are ready to take the DTG and web-to-print markets by storm.

“Our digital solutions cover the most demanding of printers’ requests and are ready to be the heroes of your print shop.”

Roq machines are distributed in the UK by i-Sub.