Ronald Britton, creator of eco-friendly glitter brand Bioglitter, has announced it has developed “the first microplastic-free iridescent effect glitter”.

Part of its Bioglitter Pure product family, the new Bioglitter Pure Opal glitter has a reflective and shimmer quality that up until this point has been impossible to achieve in a microplastic-free glitter, says the company.

Stephen Cotton, director at Ronald Britton, said: “This is another first from Ronald Britton. The new product is the only iridescent effect glitter available on the market, which is microplastic-free.

“Traditional iridescent glitter gains its look from the refractive properties of special plastic films, and this is where we’ve faced a real challenge. The chemistry and physics simply don’t work with natural raw materials, so we have had to totally re-engineer the glitter to cut all the plastic out, and still create refractive effects.”

Bioglitter Pure Opal is a TÜV-certified fresh water biodegradable glitter that can be added to screen printing inks. It is available in five different sizes, and comes in a choice of three colours: rose, mint and aqua. 

Ronald Britton has also launched the new Bioglitter Pure Vivid colour range, which is currently available in vivid fuchsia in five sizes.


Ronald Britton’s new Bioglitter Pure Vivid glitter is available in fuchsia