Ronald Britton has created Deco Bioglitter, a biodegradable, 92% plastic-free glitter designed for use in the print and fabric industry. “Traditional glitter is a microplastic and can be potentially harmful in the environment; as a result there has been a rising consumer pressure for products to use eco friendly glitter alternatives,” explains the company. “Deco Bioglitter is the world’s first glitter proven to degrade in the natural environment, such as soil, rivers, and lakes. Based on a plant material – cellulose rather than plastic – the product has been specially formulated to perform in coating and printing applications.”

The product complies with EN71 regulations and is said to be safe to be used on children’s products and clothing; it is also expected to meet the requirement of Oeko-Tex.

The product has recently undergone testing by the independent testing organisation OWS Belgium, which revealed it has excellent biodegradability in fresh water environments with the vast majority of the biodegradable content in Bioglitter biodegrading in just four weeks, adds the company. The team’s ultimate goal is to create a 100% plastic-free glitter.