Roland DG Corporation has launched the new VersaObject range of machines that could help garment decorators looking to diversify through printing on three-dimensional surfaces.

The line-up adds six models to its series of large-format UV-LED flatbed inkjet printers – four with fixed flatbed tables and two with belt systems. They can be used for interior decoration and signage and for printing onto surfaces such as synthetic leather, felt and rubber mats.

The new VersaObject CO inkjet series is equipped with UV inks that cure by ultraviolet irradiation and can print directly on various materials such as leather, cloth, plastic and wood.

Based on their material and application, customers can choose from six different models in 64-inch and 30-inch widths, including four flatbeds with three different fixed table sizes for the 64-inch versions, and two printers with belt-systems.

The CO series can accommodate objects up to 200mm in height and 100kg per square metre in weight and allows printing to be performed on gently curved or uneven surfaces.

This makes it suitable for personalisation of a variety of products as well as customisation of industrial products and parts, interior decoration, sign graphics, POP displays, packaging and other high-mix, low-volume production.

The belt system allows printing on items with longer shapes as well as on unique, thicker roll media, such as natural or synthetic leather, felt and rubber mats.

Precision ink firing and powerful LED lamps make curing the ink fast. This combination delivers high-quality images and high colour saturation as well as precisely reproducing the finest details, from small text to elaborately textured patterns and gradations.

CO series printers support CMYKOrRe and special inks of clear, white and primer. The use of clear ink produces finishing effects such as gloss, matte, textures and simulated embossing.

High-opacity white ink is often used as a base coat when printing on transparent film or dark object while primer ink makes it possible to print on materials that were previously difficult to print on such as metal.

Tony Miller, president of Roland DG’s global sales and marketing division, said: “The VersaObject line is our direct printing solution that enables easy and efficient high-precision printing on three-dimensional objects without using conventional methods such as pad printing or screen printing which require specialised skill and know-how.

“We were quick to recognise the value of direct printing by digital technology, and in 2011 we launched our first UV flatbed printer capable of printing on materials such as resin, leather and wood. Since then, we have added numerous UV direct-to-object inkjet products to popular acclaim.

“VersaObject’s direct printing solutions revolutionise the conventional decorating process, bringing numerous benefits and competitive advantages to customers’ businesses, including shorter delivery times, reduced costs, flexibility and reduced environmental impact while enabling the creation of new business development.

“We will continue to expand our product line-up and the possibilities of on-demand decoration with VersaObject to enhance people’s creativity and grow their businesses.”

Roland DG, which specialises in printer/cutters and wide-format inkjet printers, has announced the launch of VersaObject globally including the UK.