If your business should have to shut down for a few days or weeks, Roland has provided some simple maintenance and planning tips to ensure that your Roland devices will be up and running when you return.

Regular manual cleaning  The biggest fear of many printer operators is that components will clog if left idle for a long period, leading to lengthy cleaning processes and potential damage to the system. Heads and cap tops can foul, potentially causing the nozzle heads to clog or deflect, or ink to accumulate in the head, which can result in messy droplets of ink on your print material. To avoid these issues, make sure you manually clean your Roland equipment – inside and out – at regular intervals, and particularly ahead of a shutdown.

Wiper maintenance  Each Roland system has different elements: Roland TrueVis series users should check and replace wiper fluid if it is really dirty, while Roland VS series machines have a wiper and a wiper felt that should be maintained. Replace cleaning wipers when they are worn out or have reached the end of their service life, following instructions included in your device’s user manual, to make sure they do their job right.

Running test prints regularly  Problems with clogged or deflected nozzles – which may cause banding and blurry text or lines – can be spotted early by carrying out regular test prints, so make this a priority both before a break and when you get back in the print room. Keep your Roland cleaning kits well stocked with items like swabs, so you can tackle issues as soon as possible – they’re specifically designed for Roland machines so really make life easier.

Inspecting pad cutter for wear  A culprit of inefficient cutting in a print/cutter system is often the pad cutter; this strip of Teflon fitted just below the cutting blade does get worn and shredded, causing spotty or erratic cutting. Make a quick check of the pad cutter before a shutdown and replace it if necessary.

Enabling automatic cleaning  Luckily, a lot of your pre-shutdown to-do list is covered by the clever automatic cleaning systems fitted in Roland printing and plotting equipment, which work when you don’t. Before you head out for long weekend (or even just overnight), remember to turn the machine off at the front panel, but leave the primary power source switch on at the back. This will enable the automatic maintenance system to do its stuff, keeping the device spick and span for when you get back to the print room.

For more advice, look at the Roland maintenance videos  and the webinar below – it may be Christmas-themed, but the advice is still relevant for the current situation.