Roland DG has announced that three models in its TrueVis series of wide-format inkjet printer/cutters earned top honours at the Buyers Laboratory 2020 Pick Awards.

The company was awarded first place in three categories: the VG2 series eight-colour printer/cutters with orange ink in the Outstanding Gamut Expansion Eco-Solvent/Latex 54”/64” Printer category; the VG2 series eight-colour printer/cutters with white ink in the Outstanding Enhanced CMYK Eco-Solvent/Latex 54”/64” Printer category; and the recently launched SG2 series 4-colour printer/cutters in the Outstanding Entry-Level CMYK Eco-Solvent/Latex 54”/64” Printer category.

This marks the second year in the row that Roland DG has earned top honours at the awards held by Keypoint Intelligence, with its TrueVisVG series winning two 2019 Pick Awards. Kohei Tanabe, president of the digital printing business division at Roland DG, said: “It’s a great honour to receive top scores in three categories from the trusted and proven Buyers Lab. We developed the TrueVis series with the goal of creating a printer capable of delivering the ‘Power to Excite’ to leave a lasting impression on people.

“The new lineup has already earned recognition from organisations and at events throughout the digital printing industry since it was launched in March of this year. These latest results are further evidence that the TrueVis series is truly a winner when it comes quality reproduction — a feat that we are indeed proud of. We are committed to developing products that allow customers to unleash their imagination with creative possibilities, as well as helping to bring advancements to the digital printing industry.”

Praising the TrueVis series, David Sweetnam, the director of EMEA/Asia research and lab services at Buyer’s Lab, said: “It features a host of technical advantages to help create graphics that will truly captivate, and it’s capable of printing smooth and balanced gradations across a wide colour gamut with accurate and reliable colour reproduction.

“The series is designed to make work easier for operators, and these printers deliver exceptionally high quality and practicality that are sure to meet the strict demands of professional users involved in the production of signs and graphics.”