Manufacturer Roland DG has expanded levels of support for users of its TrueVIS printer/cutters through its cloud-based service.

The free Roland DG Connect service helps customers to keep their equipment running more efficiently and also enables people with different skills, goals and requirements to collaborate and share ideas.

Originally launched just in the UK and North America, it has now been rolled out to the rest of Europe, Latin America, Oceania, and Korea.

It is available not just in English and Japanese languages but also now Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese and Korean.

Johan Struyfs, EMEA service director at Roland DG UK, said: “We’re incredibly proud to announce the expansion of our Roland DG Connect service that broadens the creative horizons of our customers by connecting them to a wide range of people and resources over the internet.

“This is an ongoing project for us at Roland DG, and we are dedicated towards continuing to add new features, services, and geographic coverage long term to generate an even more compelling creative ecosystem with our customers around the world.”

Via cloud-based connectivity, Roland DG Connect provides instant access to key performance metrics, allowing the user to monitor device activity and increase production efficiency.

If an error does occur, the shared information on the operating status and history of the product can be used to reduce the time of repair, helping to reduce downtime for the customer.

The Health Check function monitors major components, such as the print head, and notifies users of required maintenance to help them in keeping their product in good working condition for stable operation.

The Dashboard function offers an easy-to-understand, colour-coded view of operating status to improve product usage for more efficient business operations.

Roland DG Connect is currently available for all TrueVIS models including VG2-640/540, SG2-640/540/300, VF2-640, VG-640/540, SG-540/300. Updating to the latest firmware is required. Supported products will be expanded in the future.