Manufacturer Roland DG and software company Custom Gateway have begun to integrate a range of their hardware and software solutions. The aim of the venture is to create a system that allows businesses including decorators, sign makers and retailers to create instantly personalised and customised products both on-premise and across all their on- and off-line channels.

The first integrated systems will be the VersaUV LEF series of printers (LEF-300, LEF-200, LEF-12i) followed by the VersaStudio (BN-20) desktop inkjet printer and cutter and the Metaza (MPX-95) metal printer, with installations expected from early summer this year.

This new venture with Custom Gateway will enable users to undertake all aspects of personalisation, design and image acquisition – website, kiosk, mobile and face-to-face – as well as management of order workflow, and it can be integrated into existing payment, EPOS, ERP and logistics systems.

“We have been working towards the consumerisation of the digital imaging industry for many years – this had delivered obvious benefits for our core sign, graphics and industrial customers by making our systems easier to use and more robust,” said Jerry Davies, managing director Roland DG EMEA. “We believe that this constant evolution will now bring us a great advantage in these new and rapidly growing consumer retail markets for digitally personalised and customised products.

“Our strategy to exploit these new and challenging markets has three main elements. The first is to enable our existing sign and graphic customers and partners to access the growing demand for personalisation and customisation in business and consumer markets by helping them to integrate Custom Gateway’s web-to-print technologies.

“The second element of the strategy is to bring Roland printing technologies directly into retail and fashion stores, leisure parks and sports venues. Roland equipment and the software from our partner Custom Gateway can create a true omni-channel consumer experience.

“The third and final element of our strategy is to embed Roland imaging and 3D technologies into customised manufacturing processes – effectively delivering ‘create on-demand’ customised products that will feed into the consumer markets through the ‘traditional’ supply chains.”