Ricoma launched “the world’s first” 20-needle single- and multi-head embroidery machines at the beginning of September.

Available exclusively in the UK and Ireland from YES, the new MT series has a standard range of 12 thread colours with an extra eight needles for one-off jobs, allowing a greater range of colours to be embroidered on to a garment. Ricoma said: “This not only makes the machine more flexible, but also more profitable because it saves users time, and time is money.”

The MT series is said to have a maximum speed of 1,200 stitches per minute, and high capacity memory storage of 20 million stitches, or 200 designs, as standard. It also features a high-definition True Colour 8” LCD touch screen, a one-step tracing button on the home screen, automatic colour change and a low wattage servo motor, as well as a new small sewing arm, which is said to make the embroidery of caps and small items easier.