Ricoh has introduced  the new Ricoh Ri 3000 and Ri 6000 printers. The launch marks the company’s official entry into the direct-to-garment printing market following its acquisition of AnaJet in 2016.

The new models are said to be “more than just a new name, more than a product update, this new line of direct to garment printers deliver blazing-quick print speeds, industrial-grade reliability and showroom quality prints.”

Karl Tipre, CEO, AnaJet, comments: “As AnaJet, we led the industry in establishing the trend of direct-to-garment printing. In January 2016 AnaJet became a Ricoh company and we immediately began work to bring together the best of AnaJet DTG innovation and Ricoh engineering and performance excellence. The culmination of our efforts is the brand new Ri 3000/Ri 6000 printers that will represent a new standard for the industry.”

The Ri 6000 is capable of printing a full-colour 12″ x 10″ graphic on a light garment in less than 27 seconds, according to the company. Manufactured under Ricoh’s ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified factory in California, both printers feature Ricoh MH2420 stainless steel, industrial-grade print heads, which are self-cleaning and self-maintaining, and are rated at 100 billion actuations for higher output, while granular drop-size controls help create “even sharper applications”. The printers use water-based inks and have a built-in white ink circulation system.

A new 7″ color touch panel display allows operators to preview, organise and print high-definition photo prints and CMYK designs on natural fibres, light polyester, and dark garments with up to 50/50 blends. Designs can be previewed and modified based on the colour of fabric they are being printed to, so designs look the same on the screen as they will on the garment. For printing on thicker garments, there is 2.3″ of laser-assisted table height automatic adjustment and both printers are also capable of producing metallic foil decoration.

The Ricoh Ri 3000/Ri 6000 printers will be available through AnaJet in May and will be available internationally later in 2017.