Ricoh has announced the launch of the Ricoh Ri 2000, its latest direct-to-garment (DTG) printer.

The Ricoh Ri 2000 enables users to print 1200x1200dpi resolution onto a wide range of garments, including T-shirts, tote bags, canvas shoes, baseball caps and long sleeve shirts.

The DTG printer also supports the production of textile face masks and safety vests via its quick-change, magnetic platen mechanism, and the automatic table height adjustment to enable users to easily switch between garment types.

The Ri 2000 is designed to enable “colour consistency, automation of production workflows and creation of white layers for printing on dark garments with ColorGate’s Textile Productionserver,” explains Ricoh.

Featuring a 7-inch colour touchscreen display, the machine provides maintenance alerts for all tasks that are not automated, and continuously monitors its ink supply, temperature and humidity levels, reducing human interaction whenever required.

It also offers simplified maintenance with automated cleaning, and a head cleaning jig that eliminates the need to manually maintain print-head nozzles.

Graham Kennedy, director for industrial printing at Ricoh Europe, commented: “The new generation of DTG printer represents Ricoh’s continued commitment to deliver industry leading inkjet solutions, empowering our customers to grow their business.

“Working closely with early adopters in the continuously growing DTG market during product development, Ricoh customers can now enjoy the benefits of a DTG turnkey solution.

“The Ri 2000 meets the needs of innovative digital print providers, custom apparel online retailers, as well as traditional businesses offering added value by printing on garments. It joins Ricoh’s DTG portfolio that already includes the Ri 100 and Ri 1000 devices as the production flagship.”

Ricoh UK distributors, Resolute DTG will be offering the Ri 2000 as an extension of its Green Button solutions. These comprise Ricoh DTG printers, Viper Maxx pretreatment systems, auto hover heat presses, Resolute’s own RIP software, a full set of inks and operator training. According to Colin Marsh, Resolute’s MD, the new Ri 2000-based Green Button solution enables sub-60-second printing of dark shirts, with CMYK designs printed in under 20 seconds. He commented: “The Ri 2000’s dual print carriages enable very fast single-pass printing, and when used together with the Resolute RIP and premium pretreatment technology it can print a 10” x 8” design on darks in well under a minute.”

The Ricoh Ri 2000 will be available in the UK from November 2020. Contact Resolute to arrange a virtual or in-person demo.

[Updated on: 21/09/20]