Employees working for businesses across the Ricoh Group have embarked on a month-long campaign to support sustainability.

The company has declared June to be “Global SDGs Action Month” to encourage its employees to consider their contributions to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), take part in environmental and social activities, and establish a sense of fulfilment through work.

Ricoh will share case studies of employees’ efforts to solve issues around sustainability, aiming to deepen mutual understanding of, and praise for, each other’s efforts and help them feel fulfilled at work.

In the UK and the rest of Europe, this will include employees sharing their stories about supporting and raising funds for those affected by the crisis in Ukraine. Ricoh has also created a regional fundraising page for employees to donate to the Red Cross for Ukraine.

The month-long initiative ties in with the Ricoh Group’s management approach actively working to address and resolve social issues through its businesses which specialises in manufacturing and supplying printers and print equipment.

In the previous fiscal year, the theme of Global SDGs Action Month was “Acceleration of SDGs actions based on materiality”. For this, Ricoh’s companies introduced their social contribution activities to further strengthen and spread activities around SDGs and environmental, social and governance (ESG).

This year, activities are being carried out under the theme of “SDGs action drives employees to feel fulfilled and proud about their work”.

In an employee survey conducted in Japan in March 2022, 93% of participants responded positively to the idea that efforts to solve social issues were connected to “feeling fulfilled at work”.

To build on such positive sentiments, this year’s activities are aimed at helping each Ricoh Group employee understand the SDG efforts of their peers and reaffirm a sense of achievement and fulfilment through work.

The Japan-based group’s founding principles of “Spirit of Three Loves (love your neighbour, love your country, and love your work)” are in keeping with the notion of a society that leaves no one behind – a key principle of the SDGs.

The company’s management believes that every employee should consider how their work will contribute to customers and society, based on the SDGs, and put that knowledge into action.

Ricoh will continue to work on solving social issues through its business, aiming to realise its vision of “fulfilment through work” by 2036 – the 100th anniversary of its founding.