Ricoh is celebrating the milestone of providing half a million of its fifth-generation printheads for driving innovation and digital transformation in print.

It highlighted how more than 500,000 of the MH5420/5421 Series printheads have now been chosen by worldwide solutions developers to drive “revenue of tens of billions of dollars” across all industrial sectors including garment and textile printing.

Introduced in 2017, the printheads are compatible with a broad range of inks from water-based to UV, solvent and oil.

Graham Kennedy, director of industrial print solutions at Graphic Communications at Ricoh Europe, said: “The robustness, reliability and performance of Ricoh’s MH5420/5421 Series printheads, our fifth generation of printheads, have allowed these, and many other, global partners to develop and launch new systems that have achieved sales of tens of billions.

“They have confidence in Ricoh’s technology. And the versatility of the printheads has also supported innovation in a wide range of sectors enabling acceleration of development while minimising the risk in time and cost.

“Furthermore, I am proud that Ricoh is meeting the market’s demand for a quickening of the transition from analogue to digital technologies and enabling our partners to take advantage of the upstream process benefits and downstream added value benefits that digitalisation brings.”