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Rich search results are those Google results that give more than just the title, page description and URL. They include images, ratings, reviews etc, giving you an instant answer to your queries. There are two types – snippets and cards – both of which highlight key information and help your website stand out from your competitors.

Pretty much anything can be tagged to appear as a rich search result, from blogs and news articles to events, business details and product information. Everything that has been tagged will help search engines gain an understanding of the page and its purpose – it does, however, require an astute developer to tag everything correctly.

So why consider this?

It may need a lot of technical expertise behind the scenes, but the results are huge. Rich searches appear right at the top of a search engine result page (SERP), in the coveted ‘zero’ position above organic results. Even if you are not ranking organically, it gives you a fighting chance to get seen on Google. The answers are detailed, displayed in a box and are often more eye-catching than a traditional search result, which means they often have a higher click-through rate.

Voice command searches

Another benefit of rich results is that the results work seamlessly with devices such as Google Home and Siri, so if a consumer is searching on the move and asks relevant questions searching for goods, rich snippets are played rather than a whole page of results. With the growing increase in use of voice search, this can only be an advantage for businesses.

How to get the most from rich snippets

Building and optimising your site around keyword snippets will increase your organic ranking, increase your website’s traffic and decrease your website’s bounce rate.

To get your business going with rich searches, here are a few basic tips:

  • Make sure users get an awesome user experience (UX) Ensure your website is optimised, has up-to-date information and details, and provides customers with a user-friendly experience.
  • Embrace organic practices To rank well and for rich results a website first and foremost must follow Google’s SEO guidelines and best practices.
  • Write in a natural style Snippets rely on quality, well-written content, not content that is focused purely on ranking. Write in a conversational style, as if you are talking to a customer. Once this is done, keep on top of it and freshen it up every few months.
  • Work with a credible company Web design companies often promise the world – do your research and work with the right company for your business. Outline why you want your site built in such a way to get found for rich snippets.

Andrew Langridge is from eTrader, one of the industry’s leading suppliers of websites to garment decorators across the UK.