Result launched its new Essential Hygiene range, which comprises what it considers to be the most relevant protection products needed across all industries in response to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic.

The new range includes vinyl gloves (RV006X), disinfectant wipes (RV003X), face splash shields (RV008X), three-ply medical masks (RV004X), four-ply respirator masks (RV001X), medical splash goggles (RV005X), antibacterial hand sanitiser (RV002X) and natural yarn antibacterial face masks (RV009X).

“Masks have naturally been the most sought-after and now, with the government’s cautious stance that civilian masks may be ‘helpful’, Result is bringing not just a fabric version to market, but a washable, natural yarn version which incorporates an antibacterial zone over the mouth and nose,” explained the company. Initial stock colours are all white and all black, with the possibility of other colours being added at a later date.

The company, which has continued to send out orders direct during the pandemic on behalf of its distributors whose warehouses may have had to temporarily close, says its PPE products are available now from IS Enterprises, Ralawise and PenCarrie.