The new R-Jet PRO FB2 is designed to cope with DTF transfers, UV DTF transfers and small-format packaging, says Resolute.

“It allows small-to-medium-sized print shops to handle complex cutting and creasing jobs onto card up to 1mm thick.

“The multi-tool flatbed cutter is also armed with a QR code reader for automated cut file loading, and two independent tools: a vacuum bed that holds the media in place, whilst pneumatic belt and media camps move the substrate into position from a pre-printed roll or sheets.

“The added benefits of a second tool allows for UV DTF transfers to be kiss cut with a peel tab, and then the sheets trimmed out with a full through cut in a single process.”

The flat-bed cutter includes Resolute’s DTF RIP software; the cutting module is included with the purchase of the FB2 along with a stand-alone compressor.