Resolute has introduced a new DTF film with a triple coating that promises greater stability and better prints.

Exclusive to Resolute, the new film, called Resolute Premium Evo Universal DTF film, offers both hot and cold peel. This allows users to switch between the two without changing the roll or profile. The hot peel can be used on cotton and polyester, and cold peel is ideal for super-fine detail.

The film has an invisible barrier that protects against humidity, which the printer and consumables supplier says can affect the quality of the print and make the powder difficult to shake off, especially on the edge of text and graphics. In addition, “Evo has a long shelf life, doesn’t suffer from moisture ingress, or seeping from the edge of the ink before curing”.

It also has an anti-skid reverse coating to help avoid film skew during printing and when being passed through the finishing unit.

Priced to match other premium hot peel films from Resolute, the film’s normal pressing times are 15 seconds at 150ºC for cotton, and 12 seconds at 135ºC on polyester. It is available in a 100m by 600m roll.