Potential customers of Resolute DTG can now arrange for the company to bring its DTG and UV printers to their workplace.

Managing director Colin Marsh says: “We could be looking at working differently for quite some time.” He notes that a “hands-on experience is the only real way to see the true potential of a new piece of equipment” but that because of the pandemic, showrooms could be left empty as social distancing and non-essential travel restrictions become part of normal life.

“By bringing the demonstration to you, Resolute not only reduces the time it takes for a demonstration, we reduce the number of people exposed to travel and we also cut down on the time you and your colleagues are out of the business,” he explains. “On-premise demos have the added benefit of allowing other members of your team who may not be able to leave the business see how the equipment works in a familiar environment, helping to build confidence in the new product or process.

“Within minutes of arriving at your premises we can be printing samples, demonstrating the RIP software and curing garments for wash testing.”

Print companies booking a visit via the simple form available on Resolute’s website (www.resolutedtg.com/blog) need to ensure they have either a roller shutter loading bay door or wheeled access through a 1m-wide entrance door, and a 13A power socket.

Colin adds: “Although these are the current access requirements, in the future we do plan to add a fully kitted-out box trailer to use when wheeled access into your premises is just not available.”

There is no cost for the service and Resolute will travel anywhere in the mainland UK.