A UK print and packaging company has conducted a survey on the online delivery experience for consumers, finding that 91% of people are more likely to make a purchase if delivery is free.

In its research, Where The Trade Buys analysed factors from the price of delivery – and the courier service being used – to memorable packaging and sharing on social media.

“With such a recent surge in an already rapidly growing market, the delivery experience when buying products online has become more important than ever – brands and businesses are focusing their attention on improving their overall service,” explained the company.

While its research suggested that the incentive of free delivery incites people to shop online rather than on the high street, 65% of people surveyed said they would still pay more for next-day delivery. However, almost 70% of respondents said that simply paying extra for delivery puts them off buying online.

Almost two-thirds of respondents (65%) also said they take notice of which courier service is showing up at their door, and 80% said they were less likely to buy from the same seller if the courier service they received was poor.

In terms of packaging e-commerce products, 71% of people surveyed revealed that they do pay attention to the packing for the item they’ve purchased, although only 25% thought that packaging should be personalised.

When it came to memorable packaging however, 48% of respondents said they would share it on social media if it stood out, and 52% of people said it would encourage them to buy again from the same seller.

Commenting on the role for print materials in e-commerce packaging, Gary Peeling, CEO of Where The Trade Buys, said: “Using print materials to help packaging and in-box media stand out and make it more personalised is a great way to connect with consumers, but also cut through crowded digital channels via traditional methods of marketing.

“In a digital age, it’s important to remember that something as simple as a compliment slip can create a memorable experience and one that could encourage a consumer to buy from the same business again.”

Finally, when asked to give a rating out of five stars for how positive the overall delivery experience needs to be, 78% of people surveyed said it would need to be a four out of five-star service (very good) with 5% wanting the full five stars (excellent).

The survey by Where The Trade Buys follows statistics from the Office of National Statistics showing that revenue from e-commerce amounted to £688.4 billion GBP in 2018, with the value of online retail sitting at £76.04 billion in 2019. Online statistics database, Statista, also reported that the UK has “the most advanced e-commerce market in Europe”.